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Court says murdered mother’s ex-husband was addicted to drugs and guns

The estranged husband of the murdered mother of two, Dana Isaac, admitted to serious drug and firearms crimes but had financial troubles at a small user dealer, a court said.

Mikkel Isaac, 31, pleaded guilty to commercial drug supply, commanding a criminal group, driving while disqualified, obtaining illicit economic gain through deception, supplying firearms, and supplying cannabis.

His wife was killed in a force west of Sydney on 16 January. At the time, she was in a relationship with another man, Paul Jason Sultana, who has been charged with murdering her.

Isaac, who was arrested in March 2021, won bail to attend the funeral of the 28-year-old Isaac.

A sentencing hearing in Downing Center District Court on Friday said Isaac had been supplying drugs in Sydney throughout 2020 and had a family member involved as well.

Undercover police offered Isaac $201,300 worth of narcotics “bribes”, alleging that the police’s covert involvement led to a “tarnishing” of his moral responsibility, according to a court hearing. .

police involvement

The undercover cop, or “UCO,” also features Isaac “accepting an invitation” from a police officer to “trigger” Isaac’s attempt to procure a firearm from his exposure to cannabis.

Before the officers got involved, Isaac was a “very small user dealer” and police were encouraging his crimes, the court said.

As for Isaac’s personal situation, the court found that Isaac was “extremely needy” and was working part-time on the Autobahn when he was arrested.

He also tried to sell chainsaws on the online site Gumtree, but described himself as “bankrupt” for selling without “huge profit margins.”

Isaac was using so much cocaine at the time that he had to pay for most of it himself, the court said.

His criminal record included driving, property and firearm offenses, but he was not convicted of drug supply.

Prosecutor Lisa Graham denied that Isaac was persuaded by an undercover agent to commit the crime, claiming there was “a dialogue” between them.

infiltration conspiracy

Authorities thought using an undercover investigator was the best way to prove the extent of Isaac’s involvement in criminal activity, which is being targeted by police raiding squads, Graham said. .

The attorney admitted “considerable remorse” on Isaac’s part, who explained that he was “engaged in the local drug trade” for financial gain.

“He was the white part of an onion like many people,” she said.

In a case related to his father, Rice Isaac, 57, who pleaded guilty to joining a criminal gang and supplying drugs, the court heard the possibility of an intensive corrections order.

His attorney, Wali Shukur, told the court that his client had no other “actually negative” involvement with the criminal justice system and was under strict bail conditions.

Schuur said Isaac had acted as a “drone” in a criminal organization before he began “hitting” himself, but had to ask about the market price of cocaine to demonstrate his limited knowledge of the drug supply. said no.

“The King doesn’t want a hearing on a central corrections order,” Graham told the court.

Both issues have been postponed to August 11 for sentencing.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/crime-news/2023/07/14/mikkel-isaac-trial-evidence/ Court says murdered mother’s ex-husband was addicted to drugs and guns

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