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Council unanimously reintroduces fees

The new rate also introduces payment plans that enable difficult demands from businesses.

Some restaurateurs questioned the timing of the reintroduction of fees.

Jessi Singh, owner of CBD restaurant Daughter In Law, said on Thursday that facing a fee of about $12,000 for keeping three parklets outside his venue is “the worst time”. Told.

Jessi Singh stepped out of Daughter in Law last week.credit: Simon Schurter

He said he understood the council would need to reintroduce the fee at some point, but believed he could have waited until the busy summer period had passed.

Cr Rohan Lepert said age The new discounted rates are lower than in areas outside the municipality, and the council has consulted extensively to ensure that the reintroduction takes place at an appropriate time.


“It has to happen at some point. This is public land and it’s not freely transferable to companies,” said Lepert.

“And there are a lot of businesses that don’t have access to parklets or outdoor dining areas.

The city council’s motion says that about $2.36 million worth of outdoor dining fees have been waived since October 2020 to support city businesses.

According to the motion, Congress is expected to receive $716,000 in revenue this fiscal year from outdoor dining fee refunds.

The council also waives busking permit fees and forgoes $22,000 in revenue until June 2023 as the CBD continues to recover from the pandemic.

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https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/victoria/city-of-melbourne-reintroduces-outdoor-dining-fees-in-unanimous-vote-20220927-p5blh0.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national Council unanimously reintroduces fees

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