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Could the Stripper Heel Pleasers Become an Everyday Shoe

Many girls adore heels and prefer to wear them everywhere, combining them with any outfits, wearing them at any time and on any occasion. Have you ever thought about how to properly combine elements of clothing with footwear and at the same time get an outfit that corresponds to the place, time, and occasion. Women, as a rule, have had an inherent special interest in their appearance since childhood. This can be seen even in fitting my mother’s dress. Using her red lipstick also was attractive, but high-heeled shoes deserved special interest. And for good reason! After all, what is the better way to complement and emphasize the beauty of a female silhouette than pleaser boots? Back in the 60s of the last century, the hairpin became a symbol of feminity and remains so to this day. And it is not surprising, because over the years the demand only increases. All of this is due to the relevance at Fashion Weeks of the largest fashion centers of the world and other fashion shows. Different combinations of high-heeled shoes with different outfits are always fantastique. So, why do girls like high-heeled shoes? The answer is simple: they make us the queens. Putting on beautiful boots or sandals with high heels, we change our gait, straighten our shoulders, become a few centimeters taller. Even a small neat steak adds confidence, therefore, and attractiveness. The most necessary thing in a woman’s wardrobe is heels and there should be at least 4 pairs of them. But where and in what combination they will look suitable and tasteful, we will talk about in this article.

Working hours

What to wear to work, but at the same time look restrained and stylish? For such cases, classic stiletto pumps (7-10cm) are always suitable. If you work in an office, it is not a reason to refuse bright shoes and models with high heels. You can wear them while walking after work. Shoes of dark tones, beige or black are best suited for the office. Fashion experts claim that every self-loving woman who wants to look stylish should have at least three pairs of elegant pumps in her wardrobe. By the way, they will perfectly complement the look consisting of pantsuits, skirts, and dresses. Therefore, the universality of the combination of high-heels cannot but attract modern women.

Vacation time

Going to warmer places you can afford the most open, the brightest, the craziest models with an incredible amount of jewelry and shining details. The main thing is that it should definitely be the favorite women’s shoes with heels. And whether it’s a hairpin, a heel, or even a platform – it’s not so important. When else will be a better reason to experiment with combinations of colors and shades, since the rest is usually bright outfits that we are not often wearing in everyday life.


Shoes for evening events

Undoubtedly, in this case, fashion stiletto pumps or high-heeled shoes will help you. The color scheme of which may change depending on your image. Such shoes will complete a feminine and elegant look, add you to a unique and decorate. High-heeled pumps have a lot of advantages: they visually increase height, lengthen the leg and make the female figure slimmer.  However, try to wear this footwear at that places where you will feel as comfortable as possible. This place can be a cocktail party, a buffet, an award ceremony, and so on. In recent years, pumps with a sharp nose have become fashionable, and this model is still trending. Models with a similar pattern are present on red carpets, social parties. Therefore, they can complement any stylish look.


High-heeled shoes for everyday life

For a walk with friends, going to a walk, at the restaurant or shopping, pumps in a casual style are best suited. This is a wonderful pair, for example, with jeans. Such a model will be appropriate in almost any situation. According to statistics, the majority prefers the lacquer material of footwear, but we want to note that in suede they will look no less impressive! Fortunately, today the choice is so great that we can pick up absolutely everything to taste, from height, heel stability, color, and ending with the material and manufacturer.

The fashion trends of recent years are definitely – the heel will never go out of fashion! Designers of shoe collections every year illustrate this fact. At the same time, the designers, relying on key trends, tried to combine comfort and style in their models as much as possible. Thus, choosing boots with heels, you will not have to sacrifice either convenience or elegance, that is why high-heel footwear can be worn in an everyday life. So, choose what you like and pay attention to the material, style, and quality. Have a good shopping!

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