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Coroner Inquest to Inquire into Death of Indigenous Man Ricky ‘Dougie’ Hampson Jr. After Release from Dubbo Hospital

The father of an Aboriginal man who died hours after being discharged from a hospital in western New South Wales says he only wants people to feel safe and seek medical help.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers be aware that this article contains images of deceased persons.

The Hampson family has allowed the use of Dougie Hampson’s name and image.

A date for a coronary hearing in the death of Camilla Roy Dungutti’s man, Ricky “Dougie” Hampson, has been set for February 26 next year at the New South Wales Coroner’s Court.

Hampson, 36, died of a perforating ulcer less than 24 hours after being discharged from Dabo Base Hospital in August 2021.

Ricky Hampson Jr. has died at the age of 36.()

The father of eight children visited the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain, a greatly increased heart rate and a feeling like his stomach was “bursting” or “tearing”.

His family said he was sedated for 19 hours and given painkillers, but was discharged without further examination by hospital staff.

His father, Ricky Hampson Sr., said he waited 24 months for an autopsy date to be finalized and was emotional.

“It’s a bit of a relief to finally have some answers as to why he wasn’t getting the life-saving treatment he needed,” he said.

Anita Chatfield and Ricky Hampson Sr. hold a photo of Dougie leaving Dubbo Hospital.()

Seeking culturally appropriate care

In addition to revealing himself as a casual cannabis smoker, Hampson Sr. believes racial prejudice influenced his son’s treatment and diagnosis.

“A simple scan would have saved his life. He was in the theater that night and will be here today,” Hampson Sr. said.

“They judged him and thought he was drug-related when he wasn’t drug-related, and it was also in the report that he was being polite to his staff, which I don’t understand.”

Ricky “Dougie” Hampson’s family advocates for systemic change in healthcare in New South Wales.()

The family seeks answers to their son’s death and is working to ensure that Aboriginal patients receive culturally appropriate care, including the use of Aboriginal Liaison Officers and increased training of hospital staff. Advocates for systemic change in medicine.

“Many Aboriginal people don’t feel safe going to hospitals,” Hampson Sr. said.

“Aboriginal people need to know that they can go to the hospital and get treatment, not judgment.

“There is so much going on that change is needed.

“Everyone bleeds red, so we should treat everyone the same.”


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-07-03/inquest-indigenous-man-ricky-dougie-hampson-junior-death-dubbo/102555672 Coroner Inquest to Inquire into Death of Indigenous Man Ricky ‘Dougie’ Hampson Jr. After Release from Dubbo Hospital

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