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Confidentiality Concerns over Foreign Interference Crime

A man’s lawyer accused of reckless foreign interference has concerns about confidentiality around his case as his lawyer claims he was prevented from seeing him.

Outside the courtroom on Wednesday, where the matter of client Alexander Sergo was further shrouded in mystery, Joran Draisma, special prosecutor at the Coralie Law Office, told reporters that he had “struggled” in prison. He said it was difficult for his lawyers to meet with him because of the

“Attorney Bernard Coralley traveled two and a half hours from Canberra to see us, but was refused at the door. That’s the difficulty we’re dealing with,” Dreysma said outside Sydney’s Downing Center District Court. Told.

She said she was concerned about the secrecy surrounding Mr. Chergo’s case.

An additional order was issued blocking the release of details of the case against Mr. Chergo, who was accused of recklessly aiding an alleged Chinese spy while living and working in Shanghai in 2021.

Sergo was arrested by Australian Federal Police in the eastern suburbs of Sydney in April after weeks of questioning with authorities.

He is accused of exchanging handwritten reports and envelopes containing cash with two alleged Chinese spies who claim to have come from think tanks.

Coralie said at a bail hearing in April that Sergo used public documents and his own ingenuity to produce the report, which did not come close to espionage.

Mr. Chergo remains in prison and his case will come to court again in August, before his lawyers may apply to the Supreme Court for bail.

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/crime/secrecy-concerns-over-foreign-interference-charge-c-10978715 Confidentiality Concerns over Foreign Interference Crime

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