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Combined bathroom and kitchen in NSW rental property criticized

A real estate influencer has slammed a New South Wales rental property that essentially combines a bathroom and kitchen as “the new low.”

TikTok influencer Rach McQueen said the $300 weekly Heathcote rental, where the bathroom and kitchen appear to be separated by a thin partition, was “opportunistic.”

She coined the term ‘bitchen’, a combination of bathroom and kitchen, to describe its unique features.

“Can’t the bathroom be near the kitchen, especially if it doesn’t have a door?” said McQueen.

camera iconRach McQueen said the $300 NSW rental was a ‘new low’. Tick ​​tock. credit: attached

“I present you new lows in home design for the rental crisis,” she said.

Her TikTok video shows a photo of the rental taken from the front door, revealing a thin partition separating the kitchen from the bathroom.

When the photo is shown, McQueen asks, “Have you found any innovative new design features?”

“I call it ‘bitch,'” she said.

camera iconIn this NSW rental, the bathroom is separated from the living area by a thin partition, which also connects the bathroom to the kitchen. Tick ​​tock. credit: attached

“Direct access from bathroom to kitchen – Bitchen.

“So this is Grandma’s whole apartment, and the bathroom is behind this black partition.”

McQueen said the black partition is translucent, so if you look closely you can see the bathroom.

“So for $300 a week, you get literally direct access to the kitchen from this room and bathroom,” she said.

“All the germs in the bathroom float and end up where you prepare your food.

“$300 a week doesn’t deserve dignity, hygiene, or having friends in your home.”

https://thewest.com.au/news/combined-bathroom-and-kitchen-in-nsw-rental-criticised-c-9388035 Combined bathroom and kitchen in NSW rental property criticized

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