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Collingwood Magpies lose 62-61 to Melbourne Vixens in Super Netball as West Coast Fever beat Giants 74-73

Collingwood Magpies coach Nicole Richardson has lashed out at Super Netball officials after claiming her side was ‘robbed’ by referee’s call in the final minutes of a tumultuous Melbourne derby .

Mwai Kumwenda hit a two-point shot after the final siren to cap off an unlikely fourth quarter comeback as the Melbourne Vixens recorded a 62-61 victory at John Kane Arena.

However, Richardson was upset after the game that the Vixens received two consecutive center passes in the final minutes.

“What happened in the last minute and a half is a fiasco,” Richardson told reporters.

“You can’t have results like that. This is an elite-level competition, and there are automatic scoreboards that show you whose center pass. There are benches that know exactly whose center pass, but the bench has no power to do anything about it.

“It just cost us the game. That’s why I’m mad.”

Richardson said both she and Magpie goal-attacker Sophie Garvin warned the referee, but they were “basically ignored.”

“We were completely robbed,” added Richardson.

Nicole Richardson was furious after the match.(Getty Images: Morgan Hancock, File)

The dramatic finale saw Kumwenda hastily reverse Sunday’s Derby clash in the closing stages, after the Magpies won each of the first three quarters and appeared to be picking up their second win of the season, before Vixens took the lead. Visited after stealing the results of

Kumwenda rocked the Magpies with four 2-point supershots after the Vixens trailed by 7 in less than five minutes, sealing the game after time expired despite cautions from multiple Collingwood defenders. Converted a shot to

After the Vixens beat the Magpies 21-14 in the fourth quarter, defender Joe Weston said, “It’s just unbelievable that we won that game by one goal.”

“It was pretty intense.

“We tried to move the ball in the last two minutes and Collingwood tried to give us some time, but [Kumwenda] With a two-point shoot after the buzzer.

“I was too nervous to even watch.”

Melbourne Vixen players smile and hug
The Vixens enthusiastically celebrated their victory.(Getty Images: Kelly Defina)

Despite the controversy, the game will be remembered for its emotional bursts from Vixens’ Malawi International Shooter.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-26/super-netball-magpies-melbourne-vixen-west-coast-fever-giants/102147572 Collingwood Magpies lose 62-61 to Melbourne Vixens in Super Netball as West Coast Fever beat Giants 74-73

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