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Clothing Essentials That Can Update Your Most Basic Outfits

Having a stylish wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean it contains a lot of clothing. The main idea is that the clothes are mixed and matched well, creating fashionable looks. However, a basic wardrobe may seem boring and not unique. If you want to update and spice up your basic wardrobe here are eight essentials that will help you create new stunning looks.

White jeans or trousers

A basic wardrobe is sure to include classic dark trousers and blue denim, but it’s no secret that white looks especially sophisticated and rich. White jeans will be the perfect addition to your basic wardrobe that can refresh any look. White trousers are universal in any season, try to combine them with contrasting clothes and you will get gorgeous outfits for every day.

Coloured accessory

You can update your everyday look with a bright accessory that will highlight your mood and personality. One bright detail is enough, be it shoes, a bag or a stylish belt, to make your outfit looks in a new way. This season, the trend is red, rich yellow, blue, turquoise, orange, coral and bright purple. Any of these shades will go well with the classic base colours: black, grey, white, beige.

Classic shirt with an unusual cut

The white shirt is included in the basic wardrobe, but every season new details appear in its design. For example, check the Frank & Eileen clothing collection to find out more about current trends.

Choose an unusual piece with a distinctive collar or wide sleeves to create elegant looks for work, walks and festive occasions. Pair it with colourful bottoms, such as a patterned skirt or trousers – this shirt will perfectly complement any outfit.

Grey T-shirt

A grey T-shirt is a good alternative to a white one that makes up a wardrobe base. You can also combine any clothes with it, using it as a basis for creating complex multi-layered looks, or making it the main element of an outfit. The grey T-shirt also goes well with bright and unusual accessories, giving the look a unique charm. You can choose either a light-coloured or a dark-graphite T-shirt – both options will look great in a casual look and a chic one.

You can create a stunning outfit for the night out with a fitted skirt, complementing the image with a massive idle chain.

Flowy top

The main distinguishing feature of such a top is a loose fit and the absence of decor in the form of lace, flounces and frills. It can be made of any fabric, but it must be of high quality. The neckline and colour are chosen individually, depending on the preferences and characteristics of the body shape. But it is recommended to choose the top with wide straps so that you can wear it without an additional top layer.

Flowy top fits perfectly into business looks, paired with jackets, vests and cardigans. Looks great in evening looks with accent jewellery, and of course, it can be complemented with absolutely any belt.

Leather shirt

Leather stays in trend every season and is not going out of style anytime soon. Therefore, it would be a good idea to buy a leather shirt that will go well with jeans, trousers or a classically styled skirt. Choose a leather shirt with a belt in a classic shade, so you can easily create many interesting looks. A black leather shirt will be the most suitable, but you can give preference to white, mustard or even red tones.


A pencil skirt is present in the basic wardrobe of every girl. Such a skirt can be easily paired with any footwear, from hills to sneakers, and any top: from a rough leather jacket and an oversized sweater to a classic blouse or basic T-shirt. But if you want to freshen up your wardrobe, we suggest you opt for a mini skirt. The skirt of this length can be implemented both in everyday and festive looks. If you add sneakers, a T-shirt and a jacket to the miniskirt, you get a relaxed look, but by replacing the T-shirt with a top and adding heels, you get the perfect look for a party.

Big bag for every day

The bag is a daily accessory and literally your best friend if you make the right choice. Bags speak about the character, status, hobbies and sense of style of their owner, so it is important to choose one that will best emphasise your dignity. The shape of the bag is up to your taste, but functionality is a must. As a bag for every day for “everything in the world”, choose a medium-sized or larger type, then all the necessary little things will be at hand in any situation. It is convenient to take such a bag with you to work, for a walk as well as for dinner at a restaurant.

Remember, that bright colour of the bag is essential for adding variety to your wardrobe. Of course, it is better to refuse acid shades, but lemon, coral and pastel blue will suit almost any look (especially if you are a lover of total black looks).

This simple set of eight clothing essential pieces will freshen up your wardrobe and help you create many unique stylish looks.

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