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Chris Minnes justifies exclusion of Commonwealth Games in Sydney as opposition disagrees

New South Wales Prime Minister Chris Mings has again denied hosting the Commonwealth Games, despite what he said would be a “great opportunity” for the state.

Mings said price was the main concern for the 12-day event after the Victorian premiere Daniel Andrews claimed costs ballooned over $6 billion.

Mings said Victoria’s decision not to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games “is a reminder that budgets are under pressure not only in New South Wales but across the country”.

The New South Wales premier said the biggest expenditure was player accommodation, which was sold in 2019. A few years after the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

“Unless I tell thousands of people to move out of their homes to house the athletes, it’s not going to happen,” Mins said.

Opposition leader Mark Speakman disagreed, arguing that New South Wales could rise to the challenge.

“The government should seriously consider bidding for the Commonwealth Games,” he said.

Mark Speakman said state has infrastructure to help bid for Commonwealth Games (ABC News)

Speakman told media on Tuesday that it would be a “great opportunity” for the state to take advantage of existing and future facilities.

“We had an incredible infrastructure at the 2000 Olympics and during that time we had an incredible infrastructure built in New South Wales: a new stadium in Parramatta, a new stadium in Moore Park, We have an upgraded playing field, an upgraded netball facility.”

Shadow Tourism Minister Gourmesh Singh added that the competition could provide much-needed economic stimulus for businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Western Sydney support

Western Sydney leaders are also backing the tournament.

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue considered the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) region as a legitimate choice for the host region.

CEO Adam Leto said in a statement: “If Western Sydney wants to save the reputation of Australian sport after Victoria drops the ball, we should do it on our lawn and on our terms. ‘ said.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-07-19/nsw-no-commonwealth-games-sydney-bid/102618950 Chris Minnes justifies exclusion of Commonwealth Games in Sydney as opposition disagrees

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