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Celebrate the end of lockdown with a backyard wood-fired pizza oven

Finally, we can breathe a little with the end of the lockdown! While you contemplate all kinds of ways to use the new opportunity, nothing beats having your family or friends over to enjoy a fresh and tasty homemade pizza. The best pizza experience comes with a quality pizza oven preferably a wood-fired option to showcase your chef skills.

Why would you opt for a wood oven? How about we dive into the pros of wood-fired pizza ovens?

Benefits of wood-fired pizza

These ovens have become a homeowner’s favourite addition and for various reasons. Other than making it possible for you to prepare a restaurant-quality pizza, it complements your backyard kitchen. That’s not all; here are more reasons you need to gift your outdoors with it this season:

· They heat up fast

Unlike indoor ovens, the wood-fired oven gets hot quickly and even much hotter. The former can only achieve a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit during heating, with the latter heating up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in a shorter period. That’s not even the best part; you can have your pizza ready in only one to two minutes!

Doesn’t that mean they could overheat? Not really. The intense heat results in a crispy pizza on the edges and bottom instantly. Perfect if you like your juices sealed in to prevent sogginess.

·  Apt for the most delicious pizzas

Are you looking forward to a typical Italian pizza? That’s what you get with this oven for a pizza with a crusty bottom and an authentic flavour. Rest assured that the signature smoky flavour will make you feel like you are taking a bite from the heart of Italy, home to modern-day pizza. It’s no coincidence that professional chefs can’t get enough of the wood-fired pizza ovens for their classic taste.

· Versatility

Pizza may not be the only food you are looking to prepare in your oven. It could be bread, vegetable roasts, steak, stews, and of course, cakes and tortes for dessert! All this is possible with the wood-fired oven.

· Maintains the nutritional value of your pizza

As you go grocery shopping, you can estimate the nutritional value from your list. But some ovens cook for longer, depleting the antioxidants and nutrients. The good news, wood-fired ovens promote good taste and retain nutritional value. Since food in these ovens is not overcooked, the ingredients you select carefully will contribute to a healthy meal at the dinner table.

·  Take-outs don’t have to be the only solution during power outages

The best advantage of this oven is the ability to enjoy your homemade pizza off the grid. So that even during the bad weather days, any time is good for a fresh pizza prepared by you. They work the same way as wood burning heaters, which provide warmth year in and out unless you run out of fuel.

·  Boosts entertainment

A wood-fired pizza oven creates a vibe in the outdoor space. For fun and a source of entertainment for your guests, it is the ultimate price. Food is always a must for get-togethers, but everyone is looking to have more than that, and the backyard kitchen provides the perfect venue for socialising.

Since the oven takes a short period to cook pizza, you could let your guest enjoy their perfect toppings on their pizza by letting them do it. After all, it’s all about creating the best experience for them.

·  Perfect for the warm days

During the summer, an indoor oven will only raise your home’s temperatures, which you are trying so hard to lower with all kinds of remedies like an HVAC system. An outdoor wood oven leaves your home cooler and does not overwork the air conditioner.


r a classic taste of pizza, retaining nutritional value, and boosting your backyard’s aesthetics, you can rely on the wood-fired pizza oven. If you feel ready to get yours, find a reliable supplier for the best quality and ensure, you reap all these benefits!


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