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Cancer patients realizing the benefits of an exercise physiology pilot program

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WNSWLHD exercise physiologist Hannah McDermott and cancer patient Keith Cooper share their experiences with the program.

The trial program, which will begin in October 2022, is a free service for people who are about to start cancer treatment, who are undergoing treatment, or who have advanced cancer.

Hannah McDermott and Dylan West, cancer care exercise physiologists at Orange Health Services, said the program’s guided, personalized exercise program improved patient health and helped manage treatment side effects. said that

“Our patients have achieved some amazing results and continue to give us incredible feedback on how much impact this program is having on improving their health. “We are doing it,” said McDermott.

“We provide cancer treatment patients with an initial assessment and then create a personalized and targeted exercise program for each patient to ensure the training is as beneficial as possible. ”

“Targeted exercise has a range of benefits for cancer treatment patients. Improved physical and mental health can help manage symptoms and side effects of treatment, but the effectiveness of the treatment itself may be less pronounced.” could also improve,” West added.

“We see significant benefits for our patients, including significant increases in skeletal muscle mass and strength, fatigue and pain levels, and significant improvements in sleep and mental health.”

WNSWLHD medical oncologist Dr. Peter Fox, who was heavily involved in the planning and establishment of the pilot program, said the early data and results were very encouraging.

“This pilot is new to the district and what we have seen so far is incredibly positive and demonstrates that exercise interventions are an integral part of comprehensive cancer care. It reflects the existing body of evidence that shows,” Dr. Fox said.

“This study supports exercise intervention as one of the most cost-effective treatments available to reduce side effects, improve quality of life and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. ”

Initial patient evaluations will be conducted at Orange Health Service and group exercise classes will be conducted at Integra Health and Fitness. Patients undergoing cancer treatment can be referred to this service by their doctor or nurse, or contact an exercise physiologist at Orange Health Services directly.

WNSWLHD exercise physiologists Hannah McDermott (left) and Dylan West (right) with cancer treatment patient Keith Cooper (middle).

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/wnswlhd/news/latest-news/cancer-care-patients-seeing-benefits-of-exercise-physiology-pilot-program-0 Cancer patients realizing the benefits of an exercise physiology pilot program

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