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Cancer patients benefit from cutting-edge treatment close to home

WNSWLHD is working with the Central Coast and Northern Sydney Local Health Districts to become the first local health district in regional NSW to implement the Varian HyperArc treatment delivery system.

This allows selected patients with small brain tumors to receive localized stereotactic radiosurgical treatment.

Regional Health Minister Ryan Park said nine patients had already received this vital cutting-edge treatment locally in Orange or Dubbo.

“I’m pleased to be able to say that the strengthening of the region’s cancer care network is already benefiting patients across western NSW, not just the people of Orange and Dubbo,” Mr Park said. Stated.

“Patients from rural and remote areas such as Cobar, Condobolin and Grenfell are already safely treated close to home and the time and expense required to travel outside the district for treatment is significantly reduced. It has been reduced.”

Dr. Patrick Horsley, WNSWLHD radiation oncologist, said stereotactic radiosurgery is a highly precise treatment that improves patient comfort and has fewer side effects than traditional radiation therapy techniques.

“Stereotactic radiosurgery uses high doses of radiation from targeted beams to safely destroy small tumors in the brain with a level of precision that protects surrounding healthy brain tissue from large doses of radiation,” Horsley said. Ta.

“The sophistication of this technology means that treatment can now be delivered in just one session without the need for surgical incisions, which importantly means patients can start their recovery sooner. Masu.

“Having this treatment available locally breaks down barriers such as geographic isolation. This allows us to reach more patients in a wider region, significantly improving health outcomes across the district.” can be improved.”

John Adams, from Blayney, was one of the first patients to receive stereotaxic surgery treatment in Orange and said he was thrilled to be able to receive treatment just 30 minutes from his home.

“It’s much better to have this treatment locally than to go to the city. It’s great because it saves you the stress and expense of being away from home, and you have your family to support you throughout your treatment,” says Adams. said.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/wnswlhd/news/latest-news/cancer-patients-benefit-from-state-of-art-treatment-closer-to-home Cancer patients benefit from cutting-edge treatment close to home

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