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Can Blonde Hair Color Guarantee Dating Success?

Just like beards are still perceived as more attractive, women with blonde hair are considered more appealing by some. It may have something to do with the fact that men make complex judgments about women concerning their parenting potential based on some discernable characteristics such as breast size, hair color, and hair length. Even in today’s world, where blue-eyed blondes tend to get a lot of attention in the media, it is natural to find men specifically looking for blondes on dating sites for romantic encounters.

Does Your Hair Color Affect Your Attractiveness to the Opposite Sex?

Everyone has their own set of preferences, which they give priority to when looking for a life partner. And among them, personal qualities, coincidence of interests and goals as well as a model of desired relationships play an important role. But appearance is also important when you first meet. On a dating site, the first thing we pay attention to is a profile photo, and after that we decide to read the “about me” section and conclude whether we will respond to this profile.

That’s why there are many sites that specialize in a particular type of appearance, like blond people, so that members can immediately move on to more substantive communication without wasting time choosing a preferred type among photos. In addition to this, a blonde dating site should have other search filters, not limited to hair color, so that anyone can match their partner by age, location, etc. Either way, with such a platform, members can always be sure of getting a blonde date.

Considering the large member base on any blonde dating site, it would not be wrong to suggest that men naturally feel attracted to those gorgeous girls. While it may be true that your hair color can impact how the opposite sex perceives you, many studies have also confirmed that hair color may influence how successful you turn out to be in the dating world. Men, in general, consider women with brunette or blonde hair to be more suitable as romantic partners.

Why Do Some Men Prefer to Date Blondes?

Not all men are the same, and some just love women with darker hair, but considering the use of the “hair color” filter on dating sites, you can say that it certainly has an impact on partner hunts. Experts believe why men prefer blonde-haired women may have something to do with “evolutionary psychology approaches.”

Back in the caveman days, hair color was considered a way to pick a good partner. As hair color is likely to darken with age, those men would go for women with lighter hair, considering them a younger or more fertile partner.

Also, it is thought that men who prefer to date blondes are mainly from counters where blonde hair is rare. In counters where the lighter color is more common, men do not seem to be that interested in dating girls based on the color of their locks alone. That may explain why men in Central or Northern Europe do not put blonde ladies on a pedestal.

Do Blondes Have More Dates?

It is worth mentioning that blondes usually get more responses from men on dating sites because they are often perceived as more promiscuous, which is wrong, of course, but shows what men think in general. But, it also implies that men find women with light brown or blonde hair to be more “dateable.”

When It Comes to Love, It Is Not about Hair Color

While evolutionary psychology may have a role to play here, it all changes when you include “love” in the equation. True love involves the appreciation of qualities that are hard to evaluate simply by viewing someone through photos. A healthy relationship is not all about the color of your partner’s locks. Still, it is more about spending quality time together to determine whether two people are perfect for each other.

As mentioned already, some men consider women with lighter hair to be younger and healthier, so they would naturally look for a partner with this characteristic. And it is easier to find those ladies because so many dating sites let you sift through millions of members to find natural blondes. But, when it is about true love, hair color will quickly go out of the picture.


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