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Brian Huston says he will ‘fight’ on abuse cover-up charges as hearing date set

This article contains allegations of sexual assault and may be distressing to some readers.
In his first public statement in months, Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston said he would “fight” against accusations that he covered up a father’s sex crimes against his children.
Houston, who resigned from the megachurch in March, reiterated his commitment to challenge another person’s charges of covering up another person’s indictable serious crime in a Facebook video on Thursday.
“Over 12 months ago, I was indicted for a crime I have yet to defend and will fight,” he said in the video.
Houston in January vowed to stand up to police allegations that he knew his father, Frank Houston, lewdly assaulted a minor in 1970, and withdrew from all church activities. rice field.

His father passed away in 2004.

Police claim that Mr. Houston knew of his father’s crimes since September 1999, and he did not report this information to the police, even though he knew the information would aid in prosecution. claims it wasn’t.
he pleaded not guilty.
On Thursday, it was announced that three weeks had been set aside for hearings about Houston’s alleged cover-up of his father’s sex crimes.
The matter was referred to Sydney’s Downing Center District Court on Thursday, but he was excused from appearing.

Hearing dates have been confirmed for December 2nd through December 22nd.

Brian Houston’s Hillsong resignation and his statement on Facebook

Houston resigned from Hillsong in March after an internal investigation unrelated to the allegations found he had engaged in inappropriate conduct that had “serious concerns.”
Houston said he wanted to “clarify the circumstances” of his resignation.
“On March 21, 2022, I made the most difficult decision of my life. It was to plant the church in 1983 and, after 39 years of service, to resign from the board of directors of Hillsong Church.” he said in a Facebook video. .
“I think most of me wanted the board, knowing the pressure I was under, to reject my offer and keep fighting for me, but that wasn’t the case.”
Houston said that when he submitted his resignation, he wanted to continue to play an active role as Hillsong’s founding pastor.
Mr. Houston and his wife Bobby founded Hillsong in 1983 in Sydney’s western suburbs.
There are churches all over the world.
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https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/hillsong-founder-brian-houston-breaks-silence-saying-he-will-fight-abuse-concealment-charge/9fzlbziw3 Brian Huston says he will ‘fight’ on abuse cover-up charges as hearing date set

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