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Brainy people are the best lovers

Intelligent people are better in bed.

Boffins have discovered that nine in 10 people believe that brainboxes are superior between the sheets and that 60 per cent of Brits are attracted to very smart individuals in research carried out for dating site FindingTheOne.com.

The study also revealed that a brainy partner is a non-negotiable for 18 per cent of the population and that eggheads are more likely to remain in a long-term relationship.

Relationship expert Sylvia Linzalone said: “Intelligence has always been a major turn-on for both men and women.

“Smart people tend to have a bit of extra charm about them and, by the looks of things, they also know how to sweet talk you into bed.

“Educated people tend to be more emotionally intelligent and have a much better approach when it comes to conflict resolution, which has a massive effect on how long a relationship will last.”

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/offbeat/brainy-people-are-the-best-lovers-c-12513628 Brainy people are the best lovers

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