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Bradfield Speech 2022: Sydney Minister Proposes CBD Revival

His bold vision of Sydney’s Chief Executive to clean up the bureaucracy and focus on ‘the development and well-being of Australia’s largest city’ has gained political and business support.

This comes after The Daily Telegraph’s editor, Ben English, delivered the opening address in The Telegraph’s Bradfield Oration, calling for the appointment of a specialist minister for Sydney.

Mr English said the new state government ministers would be “a new metropolitan tsar empowered to nullify petty disputes, or the highest degree of diplomacy capable of bringing warring departments, institutions and councils to agreement”. There is a possibility of becoming an official,” he called.

“Even the Greater Sydney Commission, the brainchild of our first Bradfield speech, has proven unmatched in its task of carving out our city’s arcane matrix of NIMBY councils, government agencies and sweet political deals. It was done,” Mr English told the crowd gathered at Crown Sydney.

“It is time to appoint a Minister for Sydney, one who is committed to the development and well-being of Australia’s largest and only global city.”

The idea was immediately endorsed by Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet and Labor leader Chris Minnes, keynote speakers at the 9th Bradfield Address, who shared their agreed views on the future of the ‘greatest city in the world’. outlined.

In an earlier speech, Customer Service Minister Victor Dominero said Sydney’s highest rank “is a great idea, unless they’re toothless tigers.”

“Dedicated ministers will work as long as they have government machinery behind them and can make decisions that have a positive impact on the city,” he said.

“This will be a big picture thinker with the intelligence and political savvy to break down various bureaucratic silos and stratified layers of government to deliver the best results in the world.”

Among those in the speech room were Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet and opposition leader Chris Mins, Federal Infrastructure Minister Catherine King, who represented Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after he was overthrown by Covid-19, and There were major business and community leaders from all over Sydney.

Sydney must rethink its CBD by investing more in arts, tourism and Aboriginal issues, says the country’s leading entertainment expert.

Carnival Australia president Marguerite Fitzgerald said the city needs to be more than a business district to attract workers who have left the region after the start of remote work.

“The really vibrant cities of the world aren’t known as business districts…they are known as great places to see, eat and meet people,” she says. said.

Ciaran Carruthers, chief executive of Crown Resorts, said Sydney ranks alongside ‘Paris and New York’ in the world, but urgent investment is needed to secure the staff to keep the city alive. said.

“We need to start with people who go to school and convince them that hospitality is a great career,” he said.

“Covid-19 has completely changed people’s perception of what it (hospitality) means.”

That’s because New South Wales has lagged behind the post-corona tourism boom, while all other Australian states have surpassed their pre-pandemic domestic tourism numbers, said Bradfield’s All-Stars. heard from the panel.

Fitzgerald said New South Wales was still 10% below domestic tourism levels recorded in 2019.

She said the numbers “demonstrate the challenges” that NSW and Sydney still face despite recovering from Covid-19.

Panel member and TEG CEO Geoff Jones said NSW “has to be a little more innovative.

“We’re probably a little happier,” he said.

He says he needs to “create something bigger that’s reproducible”, as his company has attempted by bringing the world-famous music, games and culture conference South by South West to Sydney. added.

‘It’s time for Sydney to ditch its post-COVID complacency’

Bradfield Board Chairman Tony Shepard said Sydney now needs to look forward to avoid post-pandemic fatigue.

“Coming out of that pandemic, Sydney is definitely slowing down and complacency is definitely an issue,” he said.

“We’ve invested in infrastructure…it’s changing our city wonderfully…but we need to think about the attractions, the jobs, the experiences[on offer].”

He said new mega-projects like the Crown Tower, born from a grand vision, will herald the city’s progress.

“When I look over there (and see the tower), my heart always beats a little harder,” he said.

DOM and MINNS battle over SYDNEY’s future

Dominic Perrottet and Chris Minns square off on their vision for Sydney’s future in The Daily Telegraph’s Bradfield Oration.

Labor leader Mings delivered a keynote speech at The Daily Telegraph’s Bradfield Address, denouncing the state government’s failed plans and criticizing the growing divide between east and west Sydney.

“We are currently finding the most people in areas with the least public transport, and we are finding the least people in areas with the most public transport. We plan to fail without it,” Minns said.

“This skewed growth plan for Sydney is even more evident when you consider where public transport investments are being made.”

As The Telegraph reveals, the elected Labor government will force metropolitan commissions to recalibrate the distribution of new housing and boost the affordable housing target to 30%.

“We know that some of the world’s largest cities have higher targets for affordable housing. London, for example, is aiming for 50 percent of its public land,” he said.

“But in New South Wales, we have historically met our 5-10% target.”

Mings also accused local councils of refusing to meet their housing goals while pumping billions of dollars of public money.

“Some argue that while accepting billions of public funds to build new transportation infrastructure, it will not effectively increase the number of people in the community,” he said.

“Isolating parts of Sydney from growth comes at the expense of communities in western Sydney who are struggling to build political consensus against massive population growth without the infrastructure to support it. increase.”

Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet used Bradfield’s speech as the unofficial starting gun in the NSW election campaign to paint a visionary vision of his party’s legacy and future.

Perrottet delivered a speech detailing a list of mega-infrastructure project achievements, as well as recent achievements such as the introduction of a land tax introduced last month.

This will force first-time homebuyers to pay annual land tax instead of upfront stamp duty. This is what Perrottet calls “the piece of paper that will stop a generation of homeowners.”

We also touched on the major infrastructure projects undertaken by the NSW Coalition over the past decade.

“There was opposition to almost every project we built, from North West Metro to North Connex, Sydney Football Stadium to Sydney Modern, Light Rail to Powerhouse,” he said.

He also outlined a pitch to build West Sydney’s new primary school and new elective high school co-located in the Westmead Health and Innovation District.

“Alongside leading hospitals, medical research institutions and university campuses, we bring together our brightest minds to support the next generation of leaders,” he said.

He added that he would like to have more schools adjacent to research facilities and universities, and said the move to western Sydney could be the start of a new model.

“This concept is new to Australia,” he said.

“This is just the beginning and we are excited to see this new way of learning roll out statewide.”

“Sydney Minister’s Time”

West is perfect for Sydney growth

King calls West Sydney the economic powerhouse that drives the country’s growth, but warns that planning rules and high standards must be kept in mind when building new infrastructure projects.

Mr King said the prime minister and the Labor government are determined to be strong “partners” in creating sustainable and smart new cities for the state.

“This is not about dictating results or making central planning decisions from Canberra,” she said.

King said the new Sydney Airport district is a prime example of the kind of infrastructure the Commonwealth wanted to support.

“When it opens, Western Sydney Airport will be a powerful catalyst for economic activity…and for the first time, we will look west instead of looking in,” she said.

“Western Parklands City and Aerotropolis will be home to new opportunities… Building the right surrounding infrastructure and public transport and freight connections is absolutely critical.”

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/showdown-on-sydneys-future-leaders-pledge-housing-boost-and-new-schools/news-story/fe93e8e4cd22171209d25204e1880401 Bradfield Speech 2022: Sydney Minister Proposes CBD Revival

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