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Boris Johnson ‘risks looking like Pound Shop Farage’ if he opposes Brexit deal Brexit

Rishi Sunak’s efforts to push him Northern Ireland The Brexit plan through parliament is in pain after a minister said Boris Johnson was in danger of being seen as the ‘Nigel Farage of the pound shop’ for voting against the plan.

Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker, formerly a key backbench and Conservative Brexitor, said Johnson and Liz Truss He said he would vote against the proposal in the House on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Johnson, in particular, has taken a very strong stance on the EU, with the prime minister scrapping the deal and instead pushing for legislation that would allow the UK to unilaterally change the Northern Ireland protocol he negotiated. said it should. Trade war with Brussels.

“He has a choice,” Baker told Sky News when asked about Johnson’s decision. You can also risk looking like Nigel Farage from .

Downing Street was optimistic about the potential scale of a Conservative uprising against the plan, despite opposition from the Brexit-backing Conservative MPs’ European Study Group (ERG) and the Democratic Unionist Party.

But the intervention of the two previous prime ministers on Wednesday, who said former Home Secretary Priti Patel also opposed the plan, has increased the number of opponents and potentially Sunak forced the Labor vote to pass it. I need.

The vote only concerns one aspect of Sunak’s amended deal on a post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland that was sealed last month, the so-called Stormont brake to veto new EU regulations. However, it is considered the default vote for the entire plan.

Prime Minister Johnson said: of Brexit.

“It is unacceptable. I will vote against the proposed arrangement today.

A source close to Truss said she also plans to vote against it. It is understood to have “almost fatal consequences” on Britain’s ability to deviate from its rules and regulations.

Johnson is expected to leave him temporarily Questions at the Commons Privileges Committee Opined on the bill via Partygate on Wednesday afternoon.

ERGs announced on Tuesday They did not believe that Sunak’s revised plan met the government’s stated objectives.

After its second meeting on Wednesday, the ERG confirmed that it would recommend voting against the plan. ERG chairman Mark Francois told reporters that he had “recommended to a group that should vote against”.

The ERG has not released membership details, but some reports said up to 30 members of parliament attended the meeting.

DUP officers will meet on Monday, Unanimously rejected Sunak’s revised plans for post-Brexit trade deals Northern Irelandparty leader Sir Geoffrey Donaldson said in a statement.

“It does not address some of the underlying issues at the heart of the current difficulty. There is,” said Donaldson.

Conservative back-venture Peter Vaughn is one of the Tories who suggested he might join Johnson in voting against the deal. He said he was “pretty upset” about the government’s approach to voting on Stormont brakes.

Former Commons Deputy Leader told Sky News: If I have any questions at PMQ, I will ask the Prime Minister what happened to our broad vote.

“So I’m really pretty upset that the government is avoiding scrutiny on this and that the brakes themselves seem to be failing all the tests.

“If so, I will listen to the debate.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/mar/22/boris-johnson-says-he-will-vote-against-rishi-sunaks-brexit-plan Boris Johnson ‘risks looking like Pound Shop Farage’ if he opposes Brexit deal Brexit

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