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Blind Date: Carpenter Liam, Teacher Alexandra Talks Love for Animals, Traveling and Playing the Clarinet

Liam, 32, said:

I was late for my date. I had never been to that restaurant, so I didn’t know where to go, so I happened to get in line for a comedy show.

My first impression when I met Alex was, “Wow, she’s so pretty.” After introducing ourselves, we sat down and started chatting. I find Alex to be genuine and kind.

camera iconBlind Date – Liam and Alexandra at Double Rainbow on Saturday, March 25, 2023. Photo of Liam by John Coe.John Coe credit: John Coe/Western Australian

Alex and I had many similar interests. One of his big problems was animals. We are both big animal lovers. We were united by our love of music and food. Everything about dating was very lighthearted with no awkward pauses or anything like that.

This was my first proper date after 15 years of relationship, so it was nerve-wracking for me. A lot has changed in the dating world. Due to the nature of the work (FIFO), it was nice to meet in person rather than online where I find it difficult to maintain momentum once the spark is out. Also, I think it’s pretty hard to get a good feel for someone online, but when you meet face to face, you’ll know very quickly if it works.

After staying at Double Rainbow for a while, I walked Alex back to her car. We ended up exchanging numbers and talked about going on a second date.

I had missed Alex’s texts because my phone needed an update and for some reason the messages didn’t arrive. Luckily she found me on her Instagram and all is well again. Thankfully she persevered — a very lucky one!

I’m so glad I put myself out there and gave this a try.


Alexandra, 29, said:

I was nervous before the date. Thankfully, the date hadn’t been planned weeks in advance, so I didn’t have a lot of time to stress. I think that was the missing possibility. It would be difficult to sit down. Thankfully my date was far from this.

My first impression of Liam was that he seemed like a kind soul. He is kind and sweet. He also looks like a really nice guy, which is rare. I think he was good because we had a lot in common.

One of our main commonalities was our love for animals. all animals. It may sound clumsy, but I believe how you treat animals says a lot about you and I don’t trust people who don’t like animals. Violation. At one point during our date, we exchanged pictures of our favorite pets.

Alexandra is thrilled to learn that Liam also likes animals.
camera iconAlexandra is thrilled to learn that Liam also likes animals. credit: John Coe/Western Australian

We also had some very random things in common. We used to play the clarinet in high school. What are the chances! We talked about our travels, places we’ve visited in Europe, and places we want to visit in the future.

We stayed in the restaurant until about 10pm. We could have continued talking for hours, but we decided to save it and continue the conversation another day when he returned from work. He told me that he would go to the celebration because he was turning 30 soon. Liam drove me over the North Bridge to my car. One of them yelled at Liam, “Your girlfriend is hot.”

I applied to Blind Date because it was something different and I’m not much of an outing person so I have a hard time meeting new people plus I’m not a fan of dating apps so this thought i’d give it a try!


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