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‘Bikini drug dealer’ sentenced to four years in prison

Sydney woman sells cocaine to make $1,000 a day drug addict, photographed criminal activity and encouraged to study so she could help addicts after being released from prison was given.

Alexandra Moss, 28, has been jailed for up to four years and four months after dealing illegal drugs from her one-bedroom rental unit in Rose Bay in March and April 2021.

She was convicted Friday in Downing Center District Court after pleading guilty to commercial overdose of 25 liters of the banned drug gamma-butyrolactone (GBL).

She also pleaded guilty to one count of supplying cocaine and asked the court to take four other counts into account.

They included three drug-related offenses of possession and supply and one count dealing with $1200 in criminal proceeds that she had to forfeit to the state.

Judge John Pickering imposed a 23-month non-parole period retroactive to January 2023. Her full text expires in May 2027.

Rehab stint pays off

Judge Pickering granted her an early guilty plea discount and took into account the progress she had made in drug rehabilitation while out on bail.

“It’s always commendable…when someone successfully completes that treatment. In fact, that’s exactly what Ms. Moss did,” he said.

He also reduced non-parole periods for mental health issues such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and worked with women in Tweed Heads so that they could continue to be drug addict caseworkers after his release. I urged him to continue his studies in criminology.

Judge Pickering told Moss, “By Christmas next year, I’ll be out of college, getting a degree, and starting my life over.”

Giving evidence in court, Moss said he regretted and understood the harm of his actions.

“I feel ashamed, humiliated and deeply disappointed in my actions.”

As the verdict was read out, she broke down in tears and kissed her family goodbye before being escorted to prison guards.

At age 17, Moss was introduced to cocaine by two doctors working in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Her life then went into a “downward spiral,” Pickering said.

A judge ruled that cocaine trafficking was the more serious of the two crimes.

Moss was “naive” about the GBL, ordered by his former friend Chris Cao, and has been convicted of the act.

“She knew she had a valuable asset, but she didn’t know how to make it happen. In fact, she didn’t even know how to get it out of the container,” the judge said. I got

This substance was contained in a 25 liter blue plastic jug and decanted into a glass Santa Vittoria mineral water bottle.

One of her contacts said it sells for about $3000 a liter on the street.

The all-consuming cocaine habit

Photos and footage seized by police show Moss in a bikini, holding cannabis and clutching a packet of white powder, while Cao decanting GBL.

Attorney Phillip Boulten SC said Moss was humiliated by media reports that included “provocative photos” of her in a bikini.

Claiming she is wealthy and an “heir” because of her family connections could also put her at risk in prison.

Moss sold drugs and took clients as sex workers, furthering her habit as a “very ingrained drug user” who took up to $1,500 worth of cocaine daily.

Cocaine was used as a form of self-medication to calm ADHD, which was untreated at the time.

“It was a form of self-medication that destroyed her dignity, destroyed her self-esteem, destroyed her career prospects, and led her to very degrading living conditions,” the barrister told the court. rice field.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2023/04/21/bikini-drug-dealer-sentenced/ ‘Bikini drug dealer’ sentenced to four years in prison

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