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Bail eased for teenage driver in crash that killed five


Bail requirements for a teenage driver accused of killing five students in a high-speed car crash have been eased after his parents found it too difficult to comply.

Tyrell Edwards, 19, was at the wheel of a silver Nissan Navara that struck two trees southwest of Sydney last September when five people aged between 14 and 16 were crammed into the car. of Picton High School students have died.

He had previously been forced to make daily visits to the police station, 45 kilometers from his home in Bargo, under bail conditions.

But a magistrate on Friday said the parents were caring for six other children and that their mother, Renee Edwards, recently got a part-time night job as a caregiver, making daily driving a burden. We heard too much and changed these terms.

Justice David Degnan said Edwards had complied with strict requirements, including being “in effect under house arrest”, since he was granted bail by the NSW Supreme Court last October.

“After this lengthy period, I am pleased that it is reasonable to reduce the daily reporting obligation to three days a week,” he told Picton District Court.

Other bail conditions prohibiting you from driving, drinking alcohol, taking illegal drugs, or staying within 500 meters of any domestic port or airport will continue to apply.

The father, Henry Edwards, also paid a security deposit of $100,000 that would be forfeited if his son did not appear in court.

Edwards appeared in court in person on Friday, walking in and out of the building surrounded by family members who hid their faces with umbrellas.

Prosecutors formally charged him with aggravated driving, which caused the fatal accident, by driving more than 45km/h over the speed limit. These upgraded claims were previously reported by him in February.

He was first arrested on September 7, the day after Buxton’s accident, facing a less serious charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

Degnan will also set up a case conference between prosecutors and Edwards’ attorneys to discuss negotiations and possible guilty pleas before the matter returns to court on June 30.

If Edwards pleads guilty to any of the charges, Degnan said it would be best to do this as soon as possible.

“If you plead guilty, you are entitled to a bigger discount than if you waited until you went to district court,” he told Edwards.

Lily Van de Putte and Gaby McLennan, 14, Summer Williams and Tyrese Bechard, 15, and Antonio Desisto, 16, have all died.

Edwards suffered minor injuries.

The teenage boy has no criminal record but had two speeding offenses and had his learner’s license suspended in 2022 before the crash.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2023/05/05/bail-eased-teen-driver-crash-killed-five/ Bail eased for teenage driver in crash that killed five

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