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Australian Sage O’Donnell killed while ‘defending right to liberty’ in Ukraine

Key Point:
  • Sage O’Donnell’s mother says her son was “killed in action” in Ukraine.
  • DFAT provides consular assistance to families.
  • It is understood that Mr O’Donnell served in the Australian Army.
An Australian man has died “while acting in defense of the freedoms of Ukrainian citizens”, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
Sage O’Donnell’s grief-stricken mother issued a statement through DFAT, which is providing consular assistance to the family.

“Sage died in action defending the freedom of the Ukrainian people. Sage has always believed in defending the rights of the country, people and freedom,” she said.

O’Donnell’s mother described O’Donnell’s son as humorous and kind-hearted.
“We are devastated by the recent loss of Sage,” she said.
Mr O’Donnell’s mother said Mr O’Donnell had worked not only in Ukraine but also “in his own country”.
It is understood that he was an Australian Army Artillery Observer and Rifleman.
“Sage has chosen to act on the basis of his empathy for the Ukrainian people and the injustice that is taking place.
“He fell in love with Ukraine and its culture and was humbled by the kindness and hospitality of his new community.”

News of his death was also shared on social media.

The remembrance page of the Ukrainian International Corps Defense posted that Victorian-era Sage O’Donnell had died.
“Australian Sage O’Donnell, serving in Ukraine as a volunteer, succumbed on the battlefield,” the post read.
“Honor and glory and thanks to our brothers.”

The timing of O’Donnell’s death remains unconfirmed, but it is believed to have occurred before Christmas.

In a social media post, O’Donnell’s father said his son died fighting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

DFAT has not provided further details about Mr O’Donnell or the circumstances of his death.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/australian-man-killed-in-ukraine-while-defending-the-right-to-freedom/mt311d1hb Australian Sage O’Donnell killed while ‘defending right to liberty’ in Ukraine

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