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Australian News Live: Queensland Police pays tribute to two police officers killed in ‘absolutely devastating’ shooting ambush | Australian News

Queensland Police confirm death of Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCullough

It is heartbreaking to confirm the deaths of Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel McCullough.

Their lives were tragically cut short yesterday while on duty at Wiang Villa.

Respectfully they served. pic.twitter.com/XIahH0zGUX

— Queensland Police (@QldPolice) December 12, 2022

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Can you describe what you found when you walked through the scene?


See, I won’t go into too much detail on that, except to say that when you’re in that scene and you’re walking home, and this is obviously where it happened. They said they were in a dangerous area and couldn’t believe the two officers escaped alive.

carol warns that it could take weeks to understand what happened:

in one of the most complex and frightening environments you can be in, as things rapidly unravel. It takes days, if not weeks, to unravel every aspect of the scene, but every second of what happened unravels.

A female police officer who survived the hospital


Two surviving officers. 1st year female patrol officer. Can you tell us about their courage?


The bravery of those officers is unbelievable. Considering that they survived the scene, let alone going out to make phone calls and seek help was just extraordinary. I will meet with Keeley soon.She knows she’s already told people what happened. People I’ve spoken to can’t believe how she survived and what she did in the meantime.


Was Keely hospitalized?


She has it for now and I will start working on her soon.

“There are quite a few weapons involved”: Carroll


There are quite a few and I’m sure you know this just from the messages being sent, What happened there involved quite a few weapons.

carol You will be asked about missing persons. The missing person is the reason the officers stopped by the facility.

As I said, we received a request from the State of New South Wales that a person had been missing for some time, and then had the local police go to this address to identify the missing person. From my briefs, I learned that the person had been missing for about 12 months, but people kept in touch with him. However, that contact was recently lost and I just wanted to verify the missing person.

“Those officers didn’t win”: Carroll

take questions carol Details.

So two sets of officers went, two from Chinchilla and two from Tara. Like I said. I went to the scene. As you can see, it’s a showdown.

Those officers, in my opinion, never stood a chance. It’s a miracle that they survived.

‘They will never be forgotten’: Police killed will be remembered in Brisbane and Canberra

Ian LeaversPresident and CEO of queensland Police unions next step up:

Many members of the community would like to know if they can donate to support their families. We set up a fund and every cent goes to Rachel and Matthew’s family. One of the things we do as a union is not only take care of ourselves and the entire Blue Family, we continue our work, but May their memories never be forgotten. They are honored.

No police officer wants to go to the memorial wall, but sadly Matthew and Rachel, their memory will be honored and carried on by our police force. Their names are added to the memorial wall at the Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, as it is in the capital of Canberraso they are never forgotten.

We will remember their courage, hard work and sense of community.

It’s not always good, but it’s even worse when the holiday season rolls around as families get together. I can only think of the hurt that Matthew and Rachel’s family and close colleagues will be in, and the pain they will be going through with only 12 days left before Christmas.

Police chief visits murdered police officer’s family

Carol concludes her speech by saying:

We have a dedicated Family Liaison Officer to support their families. I plan to visit their family in the near future.

Tara is a small station within a very close-knit community. We have support mechanisms in place to assist those involved in this incident and their close colleagues. Unfortunately, this incident is a tragic reminder of the unpredictable nature of policing. Every day, our officers face very real dangers while protecting our communities.

We know that the next few days and weeks are going to be very difficult for our police families.All our officers and their loved ones, please take care of each other.

We would like to thank the local community here and everyone in Queensland and Australia for their support. Texts, messages, phone calls and emails never run out. Thank you very much to all of you. I know we are all thinking of the families of the victims who are grieving during this difficult time.

Police officer killed yesterday was just beginning his career, commissioner says

Carroll tells more about the two police officers who were killed.

Matthew and Rachel were much respected and loved as members of the Queensland Police. They were dedicated, brave young men with a passion for law enforcement and community service.

All under the age of 30. Both had great careers and lives ahead.

Yesterday, every day, they gave their lives to serve their communities. In this horrific incident they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Sadly, both Matthew and Rachel only recently started working with the police. Matthew was sworn in as a police officer in March 2020 and Rachel last June 2021. Both police officers started their careers in the Dalby precinct before being transferred to the Tara Police Department.

“Unimaginable tragedy”: queensland Police Commissioner pays tribute to police and civilians killed overnight

A press conference began with a chinchilla, and the police commissioner said, Catalina Carroll,speaking.

The operational response to the Wieambilla siege ended late last night. Despite police efforts, the matter could not be resolved peacefully and all three criminals were shot dead by professional police officers. An investigation into the ethical standards of the police response is underway under the supervision of the CCC. A total of six people lost their lives.

I went to the scene this morning and was briefed further on the incident. An unimaginable tragedy. This is extremely distressing and tragic for everyone, especially families, officers, colleagues, organizations, and communities involved.

May you appreciate. This is a very emotional and difficult time for Queensland Police. Losing one of our own will have a profound impact on all officers and their families. Losing two of his officers in one incident is very devastating.

The incident is the largest casualty the police have lost in a single incident in the past few years.We can confirm that the two police officers who lost their lives overnight were cops. Matthew Arnold26 years old, constable Rachel Maclow29 years old, both from Tara Police Department.

My heartfelt condolences and condolences to their loved ones, friends and colleagues. Our thoughts are with the entire police family at this very difficult time. We also extend our condolences to the family of a 58-year-old man from a nearby property who died in this incident.

Queensland Police confirm death of Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCullough

It is heartbreaking to confirm the deaths of Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel McCullough.

Their lives were tragically cut short yesterday while on duty at Wiang Villa.

Respectfully they served. pic.twitter.com/XIahH0zGUX

— Queensland Police (@QldPolice) December 12, 2022

Coalition has an ‘open mind’ about energy relief

Federal opposition parties may support the government’s energy bill relief package, but are critical of the lack of details.

Congress is set to debate a law recalled on Thursday to set a 12-month price cap of $12 per gigajoule through a “gas market emergency price order” that applies to uncontracted gas offered on the wholesale market. .

opposition energy spokesperson Ted O’Brien The coalition said it was “open-minded” to energy relief measures, but was still skeptical about some of the proposed plans.

He told ABC Radio this morning:

We want to help our families and have asked for this. We stand by Australian families and businesses.

We’d love to see more details, but what I’m trying to say is that we’re very open to it.

If there are targeted remedies, like Anthony Albanese created, we would love to see remedies in people’s pockets.

– from AAP

‘Very heartbreaking’: Perrottet pays tribute to queensland police officer killed

Ian LeaversThe president and CEO of the Queensland Police Union told ABC Radio that Queensland Police responded to “regular missing person investigation requests on behalf of NSW Police”. Told.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrotet is now paying tribute to Queensland officials on social media. Perrottet said he also called his representative in Queensland. Anastasia Parashchuk.

Incredibly sad and shocking news has arrived from Queensland that two police officers have died in the line of duty.

Those two young policemen went to work yesterday but didn’t go home.

— Dom Perrottet (@Dom_Perrottet) December 12, 2022

My heart goes out to their families, colleagues and the entire Queensland Police family.

I spoke with the Prime Minister of Queensland this morning to offer my condolences.

Police services and protection should not be taken for granted.

— Dom Perrottet (@Dom_Perrottet) December 12, 2022

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2022/dec/13/australia-news-live-police-investigation-killing-six-dead-queensland-wieambilla-ambush-siege-politics-energy-anthony-albanese-gas-coal-power-prices-health-economy Australian News Live: Queensland Police pays tribute to two police officers killed in ‘absolutely devastating’ shooting ambush | Australian News

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