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Australian Men’s Fashion: Wardrobe Tips For Men

We often underestimate the impact of wardrobe and style on our lives. At work, rest, and among girls, a man is greeted by his clothes. Competently forming a wardrobe, a man creates his bright future. When it comes to creating their own style, many men get lost. You’ve probably seen a lot of men who dress like they’re still in the 90s. But now the XXI century and the trends have changed dramatically. A little imagination and knowledge of the basic rules – and now you start to create your own stylish self. Look at some designer clothes examples on Blowes Clothing.

Fashion is not a woman’s privilege! 

  1. It is very important that the clothes are appropriate for your age. Low jeans have a place to be in the wardrobe of a 20-year-old guy, but if you are 40-50 years old, no matter how ideal your figure is, such jeans will look funny.
  2. Convenience and comfort – first of all! It will make you feel more confident on any day and in any situation! Do not blindly succumb to the latest trends. Develop your own unique, comfortable clothing style.
  3. Choose your size! As easy and simple as it sounds, few people know their exact size for clothes and shoes. Consult with consultants, find things that will sit on you like a glove.
  4. In youth, the whole range of colors: from blue to red, looks good on you. After all, youth involves experimentation in clothing and appearance in general. However, if you are no longer a young boy, then buy clothes of those colors that suit you and do not look flashy. A man in adulthood should wear low-key colors such as brown, black, white, blue, gray, and other natural shades.
  5. There are such items of clothing that every man must have in his wardrobe. This is a formal suit, a white shirt, black trousers, a pair of blue jeans, a leather jacket, a stylish coat, nice shoes, and trainers. You can combine these things in any outfit or wear them separately. With this set in your wardrobe, there is no need to fuss and think about an outfit before a date or meeting in the office.
  6. If you think that accessories are only for women, then you are greatly mistaken. Today men have no less choice among bracelets, rings, watches, cufflinks, belts, etc. Remember that it is the details that create the style. The main thing to remember is that more than 3 accessories are too much.
  7. Neatness and neatness. Clean ironed clothes, polished shoes and a good haircut are the keys to a successful image. A well-groomed person, whether he wears trendy branded clothes or not, looks attractive!

The basics of men’s style

Personalizing your look starts with understanding the fundamental principles of masculine style. The first changes must occur primarily in the head, and this requires theoretical knowledge, which will smoothly move into a practical plane and become an integral part of everyday life.

It is commendable to follow global fashion trends and prefer well-known brands, but not the most important thing. First of all, you need to cultivate a sense of taste, then confidence will follow, and over time the image will be supported automatically.


To get started, familiarize yourself with the concept of a basic wardrobe for a man. One of the biggest mistakes of a novice “mod” is the desire to acquire a mass of expensive accessories and all kinds of branded clothing. Moreover, many resort to chaotic experiments with their appearance – they grow a beard, change their hairstyle, recklessly use men’s cosmetics, even their gait, and facial expressions become different. And all this is done at the same time. Don’t go to extremes. Start with a baseline. A classic wardrobe is a solid foundation for a future home called men’s style.


There are no completely identical people in the world, even twins are unique in their own way. Eyes, hair, facial features, figure, posture, gestures – all these are individual characteristics. The most important element in the formation of men’s style is the combination of colors in clothes. Experiments are indispensable here. In addition to generally accepted principles, the selection of color elements depends on the individual. If you want to be stylish, get rid of beliefs like this is my favorite color and that’s it. Follow the rules and follow the advice of experts.

  • You will feel comfortable and confident when the clothes fit you perfectly.
  • Don’t try to get caught up in the season, invest in quality items that last longer.
  • Copying someone else’s style, such as a celebrity, is not shameful. The main thing is to know when to stop and be realistic. Take only what works best and create your own look.
  • Leave the white socks for sports and forget about the socks with sandals.
  • Never button the bottom button of your jacket.
  • Belt and suspenders at the same time – not worth it.
  • Dress for the weather and be appropriate for the event.
  • Choose your accessories wisely depending on the style and color of your clothes.
  • Don’t skimp on shoes and watches.
  • Don’t get hung up on fashion and style, be yourself.

Remember, learning how to dress properly, take care of yourself and look elegant is only part of a stylish man’s image. No less important is the inner content – calmness, endurance, intelligence, manners, sense of humor, and other qualities of a real man.

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