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Australia, France abandon past and unite on ammunition deal

Dynamic changes within the European Union have positioned France as the spiritual leader of the bloc’s efforts to help Ukraine defend itself against the Kremlin’s forces. increase.

So the new joint defense project highlights how far the two countries have come in a relatively short time as they agreed to “share the bill.” To supply ammunition to the army of Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZelenskyThe deal would see both countries sharing the cost of shipping ammunition from French manufacturer Nextor, with Australia providing the explosives.

A palette of US-made 155 mm shells was eventually destined for Ukraine.credit:APs

No details were given on the bilateral delivery of ammunition, but Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu said that the quantity and quality of military assistance was “adherent to French discretionary principles”. He suggested deliveries of “thousands” of shells would begin this quarter, suggesting it would be an ongoing or “ongoing” commitment.

Zelensky has been constantly pleading for military aid, including basic supplies of fuel and ammunition, since Russia invaded his country on February 24, amid rumors that he fled Kyiv. , famously said, “I need ammunition, not a vehicle.”


And while AUKUS was overshadowed, there were no signs of a change in Australia’s intentions to purchase US- or UK-designed nuclear submarines, despite renewed concerns about lengthy delays. In November, President Macron said his country’s submarine proposal “remains on the table” and could offer Australia new capabilities while it waits for a nuclear fleet.

However, Maruls said there were no plans for an interim conventionally powered submarine capability as Australia moved toward acquiring nuclear-powered ships.

The two countries want to work more closely together on defense manufacturing, and Lecornu downplays the impact the canceled $80 billion deal could have on future relations.

“Will AUKUS block the ability for future military cooperation? The answer is no. Otherwise, we cannot have this 2+2 meeting,” he said.


Asked if the two countries were trying to break free from the rift in their relationship, Colonna said: It’s politics.”

And for the first time in a long time – without scoring cheap points – both countries just scored that bit.

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