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ASIC Doesn’t Think Caddick Has ‘Flipped’


The lead investigator who helped uncover Melissa Cadick’s multi-million dollar scam doesn’t believe the scammers were tipped off before her home was raided.

Isabella Allen of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has led a formal investigation into Ms Cadick’s Ponzi scheme, which operates under her bogus company Maliver, from 8 September 2020.

On September 14, ASIC conducted a telephone interview with one of its investors, Dominique Ogilvie, about the study.

“We said [Ms Ogilvie] If you ran into Ms. Cadick or later called or spoke to her, she was free to speak, but please keep our conversation private,” Allen said. said.

Data obtained from Ms Caddick’s cell phone showed she was looking for a shredding service that night, Allen told the NSW coroner’s court on Monday.

The next day, she booked Shred-X’s services for her business document disposal at home.

Allen said her team took a closer look at some of the shredded evidence following a large-scale search warrant conducted at Cadick’s home on Nov. 11.

She decided it wasn’t the result of “being kept secret”.

Meanwhile, Kadick’s luxurious five-bedroom, four-bathroom eastern suburban home, a prime asset in the estate of 49-year-old Kadick, who went missing on November 12, 2020, is on the market. I was.

The Dover Heights mansion boasts uninterrupted sweeping views of Sydney Harbour, as well as a “stunning pool,” and the recipient hopes to earn at least $10 million.

Cadick paid $6.2 million for the home in 2014.

Bruce Gleeson of Jones Partners, Caddick’s Recipient and Liquidator of Malive Pty Ltd said the sale campaign will be conducted through expressions of interest through October 31st.

“We are well on our way and are close to finalizing our application to federal court for an order to sell the designer’s jewelry, clothing and artwork,” Gleason said in a statement Monday.

In a move designed to discourage sticky beaks, would-be buyers will be required to put up a refundable deposit of $10,000 before the property is allowed to be inspected.

Ms Cadick was last seen on 11 November 2020 when ASIC and Australian Federal Police raided her residence.

Cadick’s mother, Barbara Grimley, claims ASIC is responsible for her daughter’s alleged death, saying she was in great distress during the raid and was not given any food or water. He said he could not.

AFP Constable Amelia Griffen accompanied Ms Caddick for much of the 12-hour search, confirming she cooked her own meals and was allowed to leave the house whenever she wanted. .

On Monday, Constable Griffen returned to the witness box and reaffirmed that he saw Ms. Cadick make herself a protein smoothie in the morning.

Constable Griffen said, “I recall having a conversation with her that she was free to roam the grounds if she wanted to.”

Allen also confirmed that Caddick was observed clipping his fingernails “sometimes” during the raid and taking a nap in the afternoon.

A 49-year-old woman went missing for about 30 hours after her husband, Anthony Colletti, said he last left home to “go jogging” around 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 12. reported that

In February 2021, Cadick’s rotting feet, wrapped in Asics shoes, washed ashore at Bolnda Beach on the south coast of New South Wales, about 400 kilometers south of Sydney.

She primarily preyed on friends and family and stole up to $30 million between 2013 and 2020, the lawyers backing Jason Downing SC previously told the court.

An inquest before Lieutenant Coroner Elizabeth Ryan continues.

-with AAP

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2022/09/26/melissa-caddick-inquest-asic/ ASIC Doesn’t Think Caddick Has ‘Flipped’

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