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Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky? Everything You Need to Know About These Sparkling Wonders

Irrespective of how you look at it, selecting an engagement band is kinda a huge deal for both bride and groom-to-be. It’s not only about the ‘’appearances’’ but also about the message you want to convey through your betrothal accessory. With so many designs available, it’s hard to say ‘’yes’’ to just one.

Now, if you searched through jewellery shops at least for a while, you probably know the most popular styles for engagement rings are solitaire and halo. Solitaire seemed like a trite idea, so you turned your attention to halo but isn’t it old-fashioned? Don’t worry; we are here to demystify all make-believes.

First thing first, let’s find out what a halo ring is:

Any engagement band can be described as a halo if it features a circle of tiny luminous rocks concentrated around the main stone. The name derives from a common natural phenomenon with cosmic objects. When you stare into the night sky, you can often see a blurry moon accentuated by a shiny ring. That particular image reflects the nature of this design.

Now for many centuries, engagement trends have come and gone. However, one design continues to bounce back, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is halo. Abounding in luxury and finesse, it highlights the gorgeous centre diamond, adding a flashy hint to it.

Halos’ Path to the Glory

The lavish style now takes the honourable second place among the engagement bands, but it wasn’t always so. The origins of halo rings go as far back as the Georgian Era (1714-1837). They weren’t considered a stylish choice at that moment. People thought of them as cheap and tasteless. The situation started brightening up in the nineteenth century, and slowly, step by step, halos outshone their ring competitors. Recent studies have shown every 1 in 5 proposals is made with a halo (doesn’t seem like a band that is going out of style, right?)

Why Are Halos in Demand?

The biggest appeal of halo rings is probably their versatility. You can order a dreamy accessory in diverse shapes, in different sizes and with peculiar stones. Many online stores even offer the ‘’customise your own band’’ option. Imagine yourself overseeing the whole crafting process, starting from a sketch and ending with a setting. Engagement rings signify an important stage in life; there’s no wonder many clients like to be involved. If you are more of a traditional go-to-the-shop-buy-what-you-like guy, we recommend visiting GS Diamonds and exploring their stunning diamond rings Sydney collection. The comfortable showroom filled with unique gems and friendly consultants will blow you away.

Halo Benefits

Apart from versatility, halos can boast a number of irresistible qualities:

  • Multiplied brilliance. A ring of mini-diamonds adds grandeur and lustre. Blinding with their radiance, halo bands make a statement of their own. That is why they are favoured by driven and passionate people.
  • Lower price. A 1+ carats diamond will cost you an arm and a leg. Stupendous precious stones rarely occur in nature and require exceptional cutting skills. As we know, the scarcer the product, the heftier the tag. Fortunately, there is a solution for conscious consumers. In many cases, one large diamond and twenty smaller diamonds of the same weight have an exact price. That said, if you want to save up some cash for the long-awaited honeymoon, halos are the best way to go.
  • Timeless touch. No matter what you do to alter the halo, it will remain dainty and grant incomparable elegance that lovebirds crave so desperately.
  • Room for personalization. By embedding various shades, you can tell your story. Who says only vows are to communicate sincere feelings? Ponder over how you met your better half; which associations come to mind? Transform those memories into a coloured, harmonious gem mix.

Final Remarks: Halo Engagement Rings – to Stay or Not to Stay?

The charm of vintage halo bands is beyond compare every single time. From plain oval-shaped rings to extravagant heart halos, the masterfully carved design leaves no one indifferent. Due to their originality, halos can thrive in any century, making them an ideal token of eternal love.

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