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Appointed as a member of Harness Racing NSW

Rep. Kevin Anderson, Minister for Hospitality and Racing, has established a selection process to fill the following three vacancies in HRNSW:

HRNSW has the statutory functions of managing, overseeing and regulating the state’s harness racing industry, as well as initiating, developing and enforcing policies that promote, strategically develop and benefit the industry.

of Harness Racing Act 2009 (act) It stipulates that each member of HRNSW has a duty to act in the public interest and in the interests of the state’s harness racing industry as a whole.

The Act also requires the appointee to have senior management or senior level experience and skills in one or more of the fields of business, finance, law, marketing, technology, commerce, regulatory administration or enforcement. I am asking that you must be Experience related to the functioning of HRNSW.

Expressions of interest are especially welcome from candidates with experience in a variety of fields and an understanding of the issues affecting various industry sectors, including country harness racing.

An appointed selection committee will consider expressions of interest on the basis of merit, taking into account the candidate’s abilities, qualifications, experience and personal qualities relevant to the exercise of the functions of HRNSW.

Competitive candidates must complete a comprehensive adequacy assessment to be eligible for appointment and must also be familiar with the requirements of the HRNSW Board Code of Conduct.

The deadline for expressing interest is Monday, September 26, 2022 at 10:00 AM..

Expressions of interest:
on mail racing.admin@racing.nsw.gov.au The subject is ‘Harness Racing NSW Appointments’. More information can also be requested at that email address.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/harness-racing-nsw-appointment-of-members Appointed as a member of Harness Racing NSW

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