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Anthony Albanese pays ‘unchanging, undiminished’ tribute to Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrated for overcoming barriers while maintaining a special bond with Australia in a moving tribute by Anthony Albanese.
The late monarch has been a uniting force throughout her 70-year reign, the Prime Minister said in a speech at the Australia House Memorial Luncheon in London on Saturday (AEST).

“Even as history continues to shape us and the ties between our two nations have developed, the love and respect we held for Her Majesty has remained unchanged.

“The Queen has crossed the line. Even a Republican can only feel respect for her.”
During a visit to Australia in 2000, months after Australia held a republican referendum, the Queen expressed her deep ties to the country.

The esteemed monarch said she “felt a part of this rugged, honest and creative land” and “shared the joys and sorrows, the challenges and changes that have shaped the history of this nation.” .

Albanese recalled the Queen’s 16 visits to Australia, including one day in a race with former Prime Minister Bob Hawke in 1988, calling it “one of the most Australian experiences of all”. rice field.

“She celebrated our good times.”

He also praised the monarch’s loyalty and unwavering commitment to royal life.
“She celebrated our good times, stood by us in times of trying, and offered sympathy and comfort when we needed it most,” the Prime Minister said.
Shortly after landing, Mr. Albanese and his partner, Jody Hayden, placed a small bouquet of white flowers in Westminster’s Green Park.
“It’s a great honor to represent Australia here,” he said.

“Clearly what we see around us is the affection that Queen Elizabeth has, not just here in the UK, but of course around Australia and the Commonwealth of Nations.”

Meet Liz Truss

Mr Albanese, Mr Haydon and Governor David Hurley signed the official book of condolences at Lancaster House in London.

The Prime Minister, along with other world leaders, met with Charles III later in the day to cement Australia’s importance to the new monarch.
Albanese also met with Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss.
Downing Street framed the conversation as a chat rather than a formal bilateral meeting. The two leaders expressed their condolences and reflected the continued close ties between Australia and the UK at all levels.
Albanese said the Queen’s funeral would be a “solemn day”. “But it’s also a day to celebrate a life well lived, a life of service.

The monarch’s funeral will air on Mondays at 8:00 pm AEST.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/anthony-albanese-pays-an-unchanged-undiminished-tribute-to-queen-elizabeth/cndoqqdjf Anthony Albanese pays ‘unchanging, undiminished’ tribute to Queen Elizabeth

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