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Angus cattle win the prestigious Urquhart and Haudern cattle awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Angus stallion has once again won two of the most prestigious cattle awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Angus has proven to be one of Australia’s most successful breeds, with New South Wales’ Pine Creek Angus stallion winning the Urquhart Trophy at the Best Beef Exhibition and the Best at the Hordern Trophy. I am getting a mating pair.

The award was first awarded in 1999 and is considered the highest award in the domestic beef industry.

The animals compete with the best of the nation’s best, with the winner not only winning enormous bragging rights, but also huge marketability.

This is the third time Angus beef has won both trophies at the Easter show in Sydney.

“The bull couldn’t have been sculpted better. He’s just a powerhouse of meat,” said Hordern Trophy judge Ann Starr.

Angus Bull defeats Urquhart with Greg Fuller and Sharon Fuller winning.()

The Urquhart Trophy is a $12,000 prize awarded to the winning entry, selected from both male and female Grand Champions of all breeds.

Hordern, selected from the best pairs of each breed, will be divided into winning pairs for a $15,000 cash prize.

Pine Creek’s Greg Fuller also became the holder of the Hordern Trophy for the ninth time.

And it’s staying in the family, with daughter Christy Fuller winning Hordern with Angus cows and winning the best crossbreed champion-women class on the same day.

Fuller, from Diamond Angus, has been competing with the breed in Sydney for 35 years and won the premier interbreed heifer championship last year.

“A victory like this takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a lot of planning. It doesn’t happen overnight,” Fuller said.

Victorious Angus cow with a calf behind her.()

“That cow has been preparing for two and a half years since it was born. She competed here last year and won her class, so it’s great to be back here as a cow and calf pair,” she said. I got

It was Guyra’s Anne Starr who judged the Hordern Awards on the show.

She has previously judged the Urquhart Trophy twice.

“Both the bull and the cow are absolutely excellent exhibits for this breed,” she said.

“This cow is a beautiful, very functional woman, with beautiful form and depth and magnificent calves at her feet.

The Angus breed put on a strong show, with cows and calves driving out Hodoran.()

The competition was close, but the breed’s specimens at this year’s show were “outstanding,” she added.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-09/sydney-royal-easter-show-cattle-prize-urquhart-hordern-trophy/102204034 Angus cattle win the prestigious Urquhart and Haudern cattle awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

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