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Albanian Government Announces Family Court Reform

The Albanian government has unveiled plans to reform family law, citing the need to address court delays and protect those at risk of domestic violence.

The government is due to unveil a bill on Monday that would make family courts safer for children and separated families.

The plan is more than just a review, the law said later this year.

The bill includes recommendations made in both the 2019 Australian Law Reform Commission study and the 2021 Parliamentary Joint Choices Commission study.

The government says it is trying to deal with lengthy court proceedings, protracted lawsuits and inadequate support services.

camera iconAttorney General Mark Dreyfuss has put family court reform on the agenda. NCA NewsWire/Gary Ramage. credit: News Corp Australia

“These proposed reforms would replace the often confusing laws on parenting arrangements with a simpler, child-focused framework that guides parents in agreeing to post-separation parenting arrangements,” the government said in a statement. It will be replaced by ,” he said.

“It also streamlines the court process for deciding the minority of non-consensual parenting disputes.”

The bill, released by Attorney General Mark Dreyfuss, replaces the many variables used in making family court decisions with six “best interest” factors in determining parenting arrangements.

It also requires independent child attorneys to meet with children in person, giving courts the power to protect parties during lengthy litigation.

Australian Family Court in Sydney.
camera iconAustralian Family Court in Sydney. credit: attached

Dreyfus said the government plans to expand the definition of family to include the concept of family found in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The government is expected to release a consultation document on Monday, along with the draft bill, with the proposed submission of bills by February 27.

“In the nine years since the previous government took office, there have been at least 20 revisions to the family law system and hundreds of recommendations simply ignored,” the government said.

“The Albanian government will enact a simpler and safer family law this year for families and their children.”

https://thewest.com.au/news/albanese-government-unveils-family-court-reform-c-9592786 Albanian Government Announces Family Court Reform

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