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AFL fans mourn Swans legend Barry Round, dead at 72

Inaugural Sydney Swans captain and 1981 Brownlow medalist Barry round Died at the age of 72.

round He passed away on Saturday after entering palliative care earlier this week.

Former star Lachman will be remembered as an AFL/VFL icon. One of his most significant achievements was revitalizing his group of players after Melbourne moved to Sydney in 1982.

Birth of the Sydney Swans

Alongside his loyal deputy Mark Browning, round He convinced his players that a move to Sydney was the only option for the long-term survival of the club.

Nearly every player made a purchase based on belief. Barry and Mark’s judgment.

“The Swans’ early years in Sydney, following a painful move from Melbourne’s Lake Oval, were extremely difficult for the club as they sought to generate a new fanbase and establish themselves at the SCG.” AFL Chief Executive Giron McLachlan said.

“At a turbulent time when the club was fighting for a new life and the competition itself was grappling with the first phases of its expansion 40 years ago, round His larger-than-life personality brought the player group together.

“Under his leadership, and because of his leadership, the Swans have battled great obstacles and laid the foundation for what is considered one of the great clubs in the AFL today.”

bulldog champion

round He joined the Footscray (now the Western Bulldogs) at age 17 and played 135 senior games for the club between 1969 and 1975.

He made 193 appearances for South Melbourne/Sydney in 1976-85 and coached VFA’s Williamstown.

round Captain of the Swans from 1980 to 1984, he shared the 1981 Brownlow Medal alongside fellow Footscray legend and close friend Bernie Quinlan.

In 2003, he was selected as the first ruck to the South Melbourne/Sydney team of the century.

He was inducted into the Swans Hall of Fame in 2009 and was promoted to Bloods Champion in 2022.

Barry Swans president Andrew Pridham said: “He was a big man who left a lasting legacy in our club’s folklore.

“He was an outstanding player and had an illustrious career, but his impact at Swans goes far beyond the playing field.

“He was one of those who led the club through the tumultuous transfer era of the early 1980s, and his support and influence were vital in the transfer that ultimately moved forward in the face of much opposition.”

Barry round numbers

  • 135 games for Footscray, 1968-75, 136 goals
  • 193 games, 1976-85, 157 goals for South Melbourne/Sydney Swans
  • Victoria’s Five Games
  • 110 games for Williamstown, 1986-91, 103 goals
  • 1981 Brownlow Medalist
  • 1979, 1981 Swans Best and Fairest Winner
  • 1980-84 Swans Captain
  • South Melbourne/Sydney Team of the Century (Luc)
  • Williamstown Team of the Century (Luck)
  • 1986, 1990 Williamstown Premiership
  • 1987 Liston Medal
  • 1989-93 Williamstown coach
  • Australian Football Hall of Fame
  • AFL Life Member, Sydney Swans Life Member, Williamstown Life Member

https://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/afl/2022/12/24/afl-great-barry-round-dead/ AFL fans mourn Swans legend Barry Round, dead at 72

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