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Aboriginal Health Leader Reaches Goal

Clark has worked in community medicine for 16 years, helping break down barriers between clinicians and community members.

“At Lawson Community Health Center, I helped support people and their families at home,” says Clark.

“On home visits, I accompanied them and helped the community relax.

Mr. Clark also ran an Aboriginal Boys Cultural Mentoring Camp outside the Community Health Center to ensure boys were connected to the culture and its responsibilities.

“I still see some of those boys. Now they’re grown up and have families of their own,” says Clark.

Until 2022, Clark was a valued member of the Nepean Blue Mountains Community Health District Board. Serving two consecutive five-year terms, Mr. Clark said his passion for advocating for health equity in his community of Aboriginal people continues to drive his career.

Clark, now the Aboriginal Health Program Manager for the Drug and Alcohol Services Department, says it’s the toughest job she’s ever had.

“The stories behind the issues are devastating and it is a challenge for me to help address those issues. I know,” says Clark.

He says having dedicated leadership of the Aboriginal health team has made a big difference in incorporating change.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/aboriginal-health-leader-kicks-goals Aboriginal Health Leader Reaches Goal

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