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8 Tips For Designing Your Doorless Shower

Showers are one of the best places to relax and clear your head as you clean yourself, especially when you feel stressed. But having a shower room that feels cramped and doesn’t satisfy your aesthetic needs might not be as helpful for stress relief. 

Besides, everyone wants to have a room that is appealing and fits their specific tastes, right? A shower room should look fantastic and function excellently, accommodating all your hygienic needs.  

These days, a doorless or walk-in shower is growing in popularity because of its sleek design. It also looks fantastic for all kinds of architectural styles when done correctly. To start designing your doorless shower, here are some design tips to take into consideration:

  • Consider Several Drain Options

Making sure that water drains effectively is one of the main priorities if you want to switch to a walk-in shower. You can learn more about the types of drain appropriate for doorless shower rooms on this helpful site or by asking professionals who are familiar with this type of shower room. 

If water tends to drain slowly in your shower, you might need to have more drains or a larger one that can help prevent water from pooling. Without a door or anything to block out the water, it may flood your bathroom floors and cause damage to your home that may be expensive to repair.

8 Tips For Designing Your Doorless Shower
Bathroom in a modern style with gray tiled walls. There is a shower with a glass partition, wooden stand with a black sink and a faucet, large mirror, luminous lamps. Horizontal.
  • Add Overlapping Short Walls

As mentioned before, ensuring that water doesn’t spread throughout the bathroom is vital. And this can be hard to do without a door. Fortunately, you can use walls to block out water, as long it still works with the entire floorplan or flow of the bathroom’s design. It’s possible to use solid walls for this, or you could also opt for glass walls which can help make a bathroom look more spacious.   

  • Carefully Think About How To Position The Showers

Strategically place the shower head so that the water doesn’t splash all over the place. Usually, the best place to put the shower is at the corner since it’s the best way to manage space. Besides, it can be strange to put a walk-in shower in the center because you will need a wall to act as a water stopper. 

  • Pick Flooring That Isn’t Slippery

Flooring is an essential aspect of the bathroom, especially with an open floorplan with a doorless shower. To make it safer, you might want to pick a flooring that isn’t slippery. Doing so can avoid accidents, especially since floors can get even more slippy with soapy water. Some examples of more textured and non-slippery flooring are unglazed, limestone, or slate, which can look rather trendy for a bathroom   

  • Ensure You Have Enough Space

Another tip is to consider how much space you have in the bathroom. Bathrooms with a doorless shower would usually require more space. A minimum of 5 feet long by 4 feet wide would be enough for a walk-in shower; this includes the 24-inch entryway. However, you can have a bigger doorless shower room, especially if you want to install a bigger showerhead. 

  • Pick A Showerhead Carefully

The next tip is to pick a showerhead according to the shower room’s design, size, and floorplan. Some shower heads tend to be larger; these would be great for larger spaces. But for smaller places, you would want a smaller showerhead that can direct the water in a specific direction so it won’t splash into your entire bathroom.   

  • Stay Safe With Waterproof Light Fixtures

The next thing you can do for your doorless shower is to make sure that all your light fixtures are waterproof. Since water may splash all over the place without a door, it’s crucial to take extra precautions. Look for some waterproof light fixtures to avoid problems or accidents with your electrical lines in the bathroom. And if there are any exposed outlets, cover them well. 

  • Think About Your Budget

Most importantly, you’ll want to consider your budget when you think about how you want to design your doorless shower. It is because materials and contractors can cost a lot of money, especially if you want to renovate the entire bathroom. So, come up with a practical budget before designing and carrying out the design. 


When designing a bathroom, you’ll want to think about how the floorplan, materials, and fixtures will look together. You also may want to position them efficiently for optimal functionality. But at the end of the day, everything should also be within your taste, space, and available capital.   



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