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7 Unique Ways To Enjoy An Adults Night Out

Night outs are fun. They’re the perfect break you need after a long week of working so hard. In fact, it may even be what you’ve been looking forward to doing at the end of the week.

However, after about a thousand night outs with the same people, you may be on the lookout for other, new activities to do. It’d be boring to visit the same old club or pub every single weekend, with the usual orders. But, how exactly do you go about with planning a more unique weekend?  You could be running out of ideas, or, perhaps, even finding it hard to have everyone agree on what to do.

7 Unique Ways To Enjoy An Adults Night Out
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Without further ado, get ready with your trendy outfits, and you can now start planning your next night out with some of these unique ways to have fun:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Invite A Circus

Inviting a circus doesn’t necessarily mean the circus per se. Rather, it means inviting other adults or friends of your friends, who come from various places, and with different personalities. Do you know anyone with friends coming over?   Or, have you not introduced your college best friends yet to your work colleagues?  Plan a night out with them, with no plan in mind of what to do.

Having this circus of friends can broaden your horizon of places to visit or things to do. You may already think you know your city too well, but, now, here comes this new friend who shows you so much more, such as a new, exciting spot like The Voodoo Lounge. You can put a break to the usual night out activities you do with your bunch when you open your doors even to those outside your usual circle.

  1. Take A Cooking Class

Who says night outs have to be noisy and wild for them to be fun?  You can rest your system quite a bit this weekend and skip the booze (save for a glass of wine, maybe) by doing something more relaxing. Why not try out a group cooking class?

There’s nothing that’ll bind a group of friends together than a common goal, to learn something new. Taking a cooking class is also a great idea, particularly when you’re off to a holiday or you’re in a new place. 

You can all enjoy dinner with one another’s creations, from scratch, topped with a tasty glass of wine.

  1. Go To The Beach

Have you ever tried going to the beach at night?  It’s just as fun as going at daytime, minus the heat. Whether you want to have an easy and light dinner picnic, or a chill night with beer, the beach is the place to be. 

This takes a little bit more planning, however, so you ought to be certain you have all your gear ready. Also, don’t forget to bring a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play music all night long.

  1. Visit A Fortune Teller

Okay, so this fourth tip may not sit well with everyone in your group. But, if the majority is up for it, why not go and try it out? You don’t have to believe everything the fortune teller tells you. After all, it’s still you who has control over your life. But, it’s a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience you should try out with your friends.

  1. Schedule A Group Massage

Here’s another unique and relaxing thing to do—a group massage. After a long, hard week, this would be the perfect activity to do on your night out. It’s unique in the sense that not many friends may decide on having a massage as their night out choice over partying.

  1. Head To An Arcade Or Amusement Park

Who says amusement parks are only for kids?  If there’s a theme park around where you live, why not consider visiting it with your friends?  Or, is there a weekend carnival or fair?  It’d be such an exhilarating way to re-awaken that child in you.

  1. Bowling!

You don’t have to be an expert bowler to enjoy it!  If there’s a bowling center in your local area, they may even have a service known as glow in the dark bowling. This is something fun to do amongst adults. If you had a bowling party as a child, this is a good way to relive those fun, childhood memories. See who’s the most competitive among your group of friends!


The tips above are only a few of the many ways for you to enjoy a night out with your friends. Are you now looking forward to a more exciting weekend? Whether you’re a party animal or you prefer to keep things a little more relaxed and subdued, now you’ll never run out of ideas to do for the weekend. What are you waiting for?  Give your friends a ring, and start pitching these ideas.


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