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$500,000 bounty for unsolved murder of New South Wales man


The shooting of Paul Strangeo in western Sydney has puzzled police for 13 years, and now $500,000 is being offered to solve the case.

Late on February 6, 2010, police were called to his home in Glenmore Park and found Mr. Strangeo dead from gunshot wounds.

Strikeforce Goodia was set up to investigate the murderer of his 42-year-old father.

Homicide Squad commander and deputy superintendent Virginia Gorman hopes the bounty will spur someone with information to come forward.

“Our detectives have not yet and will not give up on finding the culprits in Mr. Strangeo’s untimely death,” Detective Sapt Gorman said Monday.

“Remember the public that no information is too small for an investigator. Your information could be the missing piece of the puzzle in this investigation.”

Strangeo’s brother, Julian Strangeo, said he hopes the reward will help hold those responsible accountable.

“Paul was a loving father and part of our family, but what happened to him was not taken for granted,” he said.

“Thirteen years later, we hope this incentive will encourage those who provide the information detectives need to finally find justice for Paul.”


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/crime-news/2023/05/29/reward-of-500000-to-crack-cold-case-murder-of-nsw-man/ $500,000 bounty for unsolved murder of New South Wales man

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