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5 tips to find the best CBD shop in Australia

CBD has been legal in Australia since 2015, providing it’s at least cannabidiol. This refers to the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive, with insignificant traces of THC, but nevertheless yields the benefits of cannabis and hemp.

Having been legal for only 7 years now, the industry is still in its infancy. This means there are lots of claims, innovations, and new products, with limited public knowledge and research. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when looking to find the best CBD shop in Australia.

Reviews and Reputability

The main thing to realise is that whilst there are a lot of good sellers out there, the infancy of the industry means that some charlatans manage to make themselves heard now and then. The main concern here is if the product isn’t what it claims to be, such as lies around the strength of the CBD.

One way to overcome this is by reading online about the reputability of the company you have your eye on – or listening to what review websites have to say too. Customer reviews are good, but they won’t always detect things like product lies. For this, we have to see if there are any claims of them being a scam online.

Product Selection

Once you’re secure in knowing the shops in consideration are not a scam, take a look at the product selection. Generally, you want to have in mind what way you want to consume your CBD, such as via oil, sweets, coffee, capsules, cream, and so on.

Some shops may even have unique products that you never knew existed, but because of the likely shipping costs, it’s worth picking a company that you would be happy to use exclusively. A company with a wider selection also means you can experiment with different methods of consumption too.


Once you have compared the products, you can now compare on price to see which offers the best value. When comparing the price, don’t just look at the bottle size or product size, but the actual amount of CBD in mg, because they come in different strengths. Try and standardise your comparison by selecting products with the same amount of CBD (not necessarily the same sized bottle), and see which is cheaper. There are some CBD calculators online available too, if you’re getting confused with strengths and dosages.


Of course, you are consuming a product that contains a plant, oils, potentially other ingredients, along with the packaging. It’s worth reading the brand’s story to gauge how seriously they take sustainability and also read about how they source their products. Try to find any information about their CO2 footprint.

Promotions and Customer Support

Finally, two things many consumers forget to consider are customer support and promotions. With customer support, this should be clear from reviews you have read if there are any red flags. CBD isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you can return or track the product if there are any issues.

On top of that, some shops will have promotional offers to entice first-time buyers. These are great, but there’s a reason why it’s last on this list – do not let it dictate your choice over the other factors, because some of the less reputable companies may be aggressively using promotions to attract customers.

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