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$45M Federal Grant for Broken Hill Hydrostor Compressed Air Energy Project

A major renewable energy storage project to bolster Broken Hill’s power supply received millions of dollars in support to move to the next phase.

The federal government has pledged a $45 million conditional grant to a compressed air energy storage project in the New South Wales Outback.

It is used to store wind or solar energy converted to compressed air for use as a backup energy source for the town.

Martin Becker, vice president of origination and development led by Canada-based energy storage facility developer Hydrostor, said the grant will allow the project to move to the next phase.

“It is a requirement that the project is commercially viable, deployable and [and] Obviously, the funding will help build the project,” he said.

The company needs to acquire an abandoned mine site for the project.(Attachment: Hydro Star)

“There is still a lot of work going on in projects like this.”

He said Hydrostor had submitted its investigation report to the government and “we got a response.”

“Further announcements will be made in the coming weeks and months, and they will all be exciting announcements regarding the further development of the project,” said Becker.

The compressed air storage facility project was expected to create approximately 250 jobs during construction and an additional 70 during operation.

important goals to achieve

Conditional grants require the company to demonstrate that key goals are being achieved according to timelines.

Becker said it is one of the key components of the storage facility and one of the next major steps in the project is the acquisition of the disused mine site.

A blurry photo of a mining site overlooking an outback town.
The compressed air facility is expected to create around 250 jobs during construction.(ABC News: Gavin Coote)

Broken Hill is currently served by a single 260-kilometer transmission line from Buronga.

If power to Silver City is cut off, two diesel generators will start up to power the area.

The compressed air storage facility is designed to serve as an environmentally clean way to back up Broken Hill’s power supply.

Confirming that Hydrostor will lead the development, energy provider Transgrid thanked the government for the conditional grant.

Executive General Manager Marie Jordan said the project will allow the entire Silver City to be powered for hours at a time.

Hydrostor has developed a compressed air storage facility in California using the same technology.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-21/broken-hill-compressed-air-energy-hydrostor-45-million-grant/101561754 $45M Federal Grant for Broken Hill Hydrostor Compressed Air Energy Project

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