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4 Things To Keep In Mind for Disabled Job Seekers

If you’re living with a disability and you’re currently trying to find work, naturally you’ll be facing a few extra challenges when trying to get a job. While there may be some extra hurdles in the way, in recent years in Australia, there has been a lot of focus put on helping people with disabilities find employment, so the goal is certainly achievable. These days, many employers are actively looking to give someone with a disability a go and there is a greater sense of awareness now than there was in the past. There is also more support for disabled job seekers than ever before too.

Let’s look at some things you can do and keep in mind to improve your chances of success during your job hunt.

#1 – Always Focus On Your Positive Attributes

 You may be living with a disability, but everything about you as a person and potential employee is far from negative and you should always view yourself and what you have to offer in a positive light.

With everything you do, that involves looking for work and applying for jobs, highlight your positive attributes and what you have to offer a potential employer, and the job position they are advertising. The more positively you think about yourself, the more this will show through in every action you take.

#2 – Don’t Just Apply for Advertised Positions

 This is something every job seeker should try. Rather than waiting for a position vacant to be advertised and then applying along with everyone else who is interested, it’s a good idea to research some potential employers and write them a short and concise email, outlining that you’re currently looking for work and that you’re interested in working for the said company should a position become available.

Mention that you have a disability but also highlight what you’re capable of doing and how you feel you would be an asset if they gave you a job. They’ll likely keep your information on file and get in touch if and when a position does become available.

This approach shows initiative and you’ll be first in line when a job does come up.

#3 – Take Advantage of Government Assistance Programs

 There are a number of Federal Government initiatives in place to assist people with disabilities to find work. The various programs are designed to give disabled job seekers all the help they need through every phase of the job search process and even ongoing assistance after an individual has landed a job.

With this kind of assistance and support available, it only makes sense for job seekers living with a disability to take full advantage of any assistance program open to them.

Through a local Jobactive provider, you can explore programs such as DES (Disability Employment Services) or the NDIS program (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

There are even incentive schemes where employers are offered financial incentives to hire someone with a disability. This money offsets some of the cost of wages and renders employers more likely to give someone with a disability a chance to prove they can do the job without much financial risk attached.

#4 – Target Jobs You Are Suited To

 One thing you’ll want to do is target jobs that you’re most suited to. You’re the best person to know what those jobs are, as you know what your skills and experience are and what limitations your particular disability may incur.

Let’s briefly take a look at some potential jobs for disabled people.

You could work as a pharmacy assistant or in an IT role. Many people with disabilities work as researchers, accountants, financial advisors, counselors, in medical administration, disability support work, and dozens of other fields and industries.

Even if you don’t yet have the skills or necessary qualifications for a role that interests you, these are all attainable.

Another option would be to consider either a position that allows you to work remotely from a home office, such as a content writer or creator, or you could even take things a step further and start a home-based business.

In Conclusion

 Although there are certainly more challenges facing disabled job seekers, there are also many opportunities out there these days, with assistance programs available to help you achieve your ambitions.


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