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34,500 HSC students received offers, revealing ATAR for college courses

Some of the biggest declines have been in the ATAR required for a nursing degree at The Catholic University of Australia and Western Sydney University (down by at least 20 points), while the number of points required for a Bachelor of Nursing degree at UTS is , down from 86.95 last year to 75. At the University of Wollongong, the ATAR required for nursing is 65.1, down from 70.7.

According to a snapshot of data in December, the most popular courses are degrees in health, arts and business, with the University of NSW M.D./M.D. being the most popular first course choice and the University of Newcastle followed by a medical degree. Doctor of Science and Medicine. The most popular courses at the University of Sydney are the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce.

Grade 12 Joanna Carey said she was surprised to receive an ATAR of 99.2 when her results were announced last week, prompting her to consider other study possibilities in the short time she has to change course preferences at her university. I got

“I’ve started thinking a little bit more about architecture. But I’m sticking with my decision to make law and commerce my first choice at the University of Sydney,” Carey said.

Her back-up plan is to move to the Australian National University in Canberra to study law and commerce if she can’t get into Sydney. Either way, she plans to live on campus when she starts her course.

“It means immersing yourself in the college experience,” she said.


This year, 15,746 students received an Early Offer through UAC and thousands of offers were made directly to students by the university, including 11,400 by UTS and 11,270 by Western Sydney University.

“There have already been many early offers, but these are the first offers under ATAR,” said Paino. “This is important because some of the more in-demand courses rely on his ATAR, and even students who already have offers may be holding out for this round.”

Universities have been making early offers to students for about a decade, but numbers skyrocketed during the pandemic, with more student applications through UAC as the universities bypassed ATAR results. 4x since 2014.

The surge in offers and concerns that it is undermining HSC have called for new rules to govern how early offers are made. We will be reviewing and deciding how to make an early offer for 12th graders.

Students must change their settings by midnight on January 5th before the next offer in January.

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https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/atars-revealed-for-university-courses-as-34-500-hsc-students-receive-offers-20221220-p5c7ru.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national_nsw 34,500 HSC students received offers, revealing ATAR for college courses

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