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25-year-old man charged with attacking Sydney soccer referee

A man has been charged after a New South Wales football referee was repeatedly punched and kicked in a post-match attack, leading to widespread condemnation and a police investigation.

Footage from the incident at the end of an amateur football match in Sydney on Friday night showed bystanders arguing and the veteran referee, 45, yelled, “Hey, referee, over there,” before he fell to the ground. Get out of here.” She was seen screaming.

His attackers appeared to punch and kick Khodr Yaghi in the face at least three times before a dozen people rushed in to separate the two.

After moving on, the young man made a second run towards the injured referee, armed with a plastic chair, but was intercepted by players and others on the sidelines.

“He broke my jaw. He broke my jaw,” the bloody goat said as other players helped him.

Yaghi was later taken to hospital and the attacker, who was allegedly suspended, left the scene.

A 25-year-old man turned himself in to Bankstown police and was arrested Sunday afternoon after footage of the attack went viral.

Late Sunday night, police charged the man with bodily injury with intent to cause serious bodily harm and assault.

The incident, which occurred late in the men’s game between the Greenacres Eagles and the Padstow Hornets, has forced the Eagles to withdraw from all remaining men’s Premier League games for the 2023 season.

The club committee pledged on Sunday to support police and work with the association to impose appropriate sanctions.

“(We) reaffirm our position that all forms of violence do not exist in our games and will continue to deal with such cases with the utmost seriousness,” the committee said. Stated.

New South Wales Minister of Sports Steve Kamper, former chairman of the Sydney Olympic Football Club, said the attack was “absolutely unacceptable”.

“All referees and all players should feel safe wherever they are participating in local sports,” he told reporters.

Prime Minister Chris Minnes noted that young officials often play a key role in the success of amateur sports organizations.

“It’s appalling to hear,” he told reporters.

“You can’t run a league that entertains people, gives kids a chance to play on a team, gets out of the house and plays team sports. Unless you agree to referee the match,” he said. He said.

The Bankstown District Amateur Soccer Association said it would follow judicial rules and processes and reiterated its policy of not tolerating any form of violence at sanctioned events.

Supported by Governing Body Football NSW.

Football NSW states that ‘Football NSW will not tolerate anti-social behavior by its participants at any time’.

Abuse has been cited as the main reason some soccer codes have trouble recruiting and retaining officers.

In a 2022 awareness campaign by the governing body of the AFL in Western Australia, a young female referee detailed the threats she received, including ‘meet me at the bike rack after the match’.

At the same time, Rugby Victoria launched its own anti-abuse campaign after referee numbers fell to record lows.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2023/04/30/man-25-charged-over-attack-on-sydney-soccer-referee/ 25-year-old man charged with attacking Sydney soccer referee

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