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2023 NFL Draft Live Update: Panthers Select Bryce Young With No. 1 Overall Pick | NFL

1st Round Draft Order

Here’s a quick reminder of the first round provisional draft order. Carolina traded up for the #1 overall pick for the Chicago Bears. Houston has his two picks in the top 12.

1) Carolina (from Chicago), Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
2) Houston, CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio
3) Houston (from Arizona), Will Anderson Jr., LB, Alabama
4) Indianapolis, Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
5) Seattle (from Denver), Devon Witherspoon, CB, IL
6) Arizona (Detroit via LA Rams), Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio
7) Las Vegas, Tyree Wilson, Delaware, Texas Tech University
8) Atlanta, Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
9) Philadelphia (Carolina via Chicago), Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia
10) Chicago (from New Orleans via Philadelphia), Darnell Wright, TN, OT
11) Northwestern, OT, Peter Skolonski, Tennessee
12) Detroit (from Cleveland via Houston and Arizona), Jamar Gibbs, RB, Alabama
13) Green Bay (from New York Jets), Lucas Van Ness, Iowa, Germany
14) Pittsburgh (from New England), Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
15) NY Jets (from Green Bay)
16) Washington
17) Pittsburgh
18) Detroit
19) Tampa Bay
20) Seattle
21) LA Chargers
22) Baltimore
23) Minnesota
24) Jacksonville
25) New York Giants
26) Dallas
27) Buffalo
28) Cincinnati
29) New Orleans (San Francisco via Miami and Denver)
30) Philadelphia
31) Kansas City

important event

The New York Jets, who were picked in last year’s draft and just traded for Aaron Rodgers, take No. 15 here.

profile: Broderick Jones, offensive tackle, Georgia

Yet another player with raw skills that have not yet been fully honed. His draft stock rose after an impressive performance that won a national championship in Georgia during his sophomore year, but he only played 19 games during his college years. Jones may not be an out-of-the-box defensive player, but he has the tools to make a difference if he’s developed properly.

14. Broderick Jones, offensive tackle, Georgia

The Pittsburgh Steelers select Broderick Jones for Georgia tackle. (Yes, this is a high-tackle draft.)

So instead, the New England Patriots would be the 17th pick, with an additional fourth-round pick.

Dealing with the Steelers:

Patriots win: 17th and 120th (4th)

Steelers Acquire: #14

— Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) April 28, 2023

New England Patriots traded down. As usual.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers on the clock here at No. 14, my prediction that the New England Patriots won’t trade down is over

Back-to-back reach. A dominant defensive lineman who can instantly improve his team’s pass rush. Van Ness led Iowa with nine sacks, but As pointed out by Dalton Wasserman of PFFit is unusual that he was only the 11th most played player by snap count during his time with the team. Was there any reason Iowa felt the need to hide him?

13. Lucas Van Ness, Edge, Iowa

The Green Bay Packers have acquired DE Lucas Van Ness with the 13th pick.

The Green Bay Packers are next with a lucky 13th pick.

They could have just drafted Bijan lol

— Russell Dorsey (@Russ_Dorsey1) April 28, 2023

Very strange! In the meantime, are we about to be “treated” by the Jonas Brothers?We may have to switch to ClosedHis captions for the next few minutes.

Jahmyr Gibbs was probably the second best RB behind Robinson, but the 12th pick? This feels like total reach.

12. Jamar Gibbs, running back, Alabama

With the No. 12 pick, the Detriot Lions will select Alabama running back Jarmer Gibbs. No, I don’t know either.

profile: Peter Skoronski, offensive tackle/guard, Northwestern

Possibly the best offensive lineman in the draft, he can start on the right or left tackle and if that doesn’t work (his arm length is a concern) he can easily fall to guard. May be transferred. Must start immediately.

11. Peter Skolonski, offensive tackle/guard, Northwestern

Instead, the Tennessee Titans will acquire Northwestern University’s Peter Skoronski. I won’t lie, I hoped he would end up with the New England Patriots.

The Tennessee Titans, whom I predicted would trade up, are instead sticking around here and picking No. 11. If they want a quarterback, Will Levis will be the pick here.

This is a point of acknowledgment that we had Broderick Jones and Peter Skolonski over Wright in the offensive tackle position. I said all the experts say it’s hard to predict this.

10. Darnell Wright, offensive tackle, Tennessee

The No. 10 overall pick, the Chicago Bears, has adopted an offensive tackle from the Tennessee Titans to improve its offensive line and protect QB Justin Fields, who desperately needs help.

The Chicago Bears are finally back in time after being traded down twice already.

It didn’t cost much for the Eagles to trade up for Carter. If Carter manages to avoid causing controversy from this, it’s worth it on the level of talent.

9. Jalen Carter, defensive tackle, Georgia

Yep, the Philadelphia Eagles go with Jalen Carter, who seemed the second most obvious when the trade was announced.

Philadelphia Eagles trade to No. 9

Nevermind, the Philadelphia Eagles moved up one spot to No. 9 in a trade to the Chicago Bears. Jalen I can imagine he’s trying to stop Carter from falling here.

profile: Bijan Robinson, running back, Texas

many NFL Teams see running backs as fungible players with a short shelf life, so they’re hardly worth picking high in the first round. Robinson is one of those players that makes the team question his wisdom. Last season, he won the Doak Walker Award for best running his back after his campaign for 1,580 yards/18 touchdowns.

8. Bijan Robinson, running back, Texas

Atlanta Falcons… to overtake Beijan Robinson in No. 8? have understood. This came much earlier than expected, and there were all signs that the Philadelphia Eagles had him selected as his No. 10 pick.

The Atlanta Falcons are now on the clock. You may have typed “Atlanta Hawks” here in the first place, but you’re not thinking of the NBA playoffs.

profile: Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech University

At 6 feet 6 inches and 275 pounds, Wilson had a successful senior year at Texas Tech until a broken leg ended his campaign.this is not entirely sure Whether he’s 100% to start his rookie season or not, the talent is there so he can pay dividends down the road, even if it’s a long-term project.

7. Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech University

The Las Vegas Raiders upgrade their defense by selecting Texas Tech defensive end Tyree Wilson at No. 7.

Arizona and Detroit Trade Updates:

Updated deal:

Lions Trade: Pick 6, Pick 81.

Cardinals Trade: Picks 12, 34, 168.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) April 28, 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders are ticking the clock, so I have plenty of time to point out that Paris Johnson Jr. was 16th in my mock first round. I think this is a little out of reach for Arizona.

Time will tell.

Details of the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals draft exchange: The Lions will draft No. 12 at the start of Round 2, followed by No. 34.

profile: Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State Offensive Tackle

Scouts say the 6-foot-6-inch, 315-pound lineman will likely fill up more and have a big presence at the key left tackle position. Equipped with the athleticism to be a good pass protector, he may take a season or two to reach his full potential.

Arizona Cardinals trade up to No. 6

6. Paris Johnson Jr. Ohio State offensive tackle

The Detroit Lions traded to the Arizona Cardinals, who traded to Ohio State University offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr.

The Detroit Tigers are now officially ticking the clock. Carter’s surveillance continues.

profile: Devon Witherspoon, cornerback, IL

Witherspoon was predicted by many as the best available cornerback in the draft. Last year, he didn’t give up a single touchdown and also grabbed three interceptions. He could also contribute to safety. If there’s a concern, he’s only 185 pounds and could face avoidable penalties at the pro level.

Seattle Seahawks pick Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon with No. 5 pick

You have my perfect game. The Seattle Seahawks acquired Illinois cornerback Devon Witherspoon with the fifth pick.

Next on the clock are the Seattle Seahawks in fifth place. Competent but troubled Is defensive tackle Jaylen Carter here?

As linked in the profile below, our very own Oliver Connolly recently analyzed the pros and cons of hiring Anthony Richardson and other “high ceiling, low floor” QBs .

https://www.theguardian.com/sport/live/2023/apr/27/nfl-draft-picks-first-round-order-live-tracker 2023 NFL Draft Live Update: Panthers Select Bryce Young With No. 1 Overall Pick | NFL

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