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2023 budget: Jim Chalmers refuses to confirm JobSeeker boost for people over 55

Key Point:
  • The government is reportedly increasing the number of job seekers, but only to those over the age of 55.
  • Treasurer Jim Chalmers declined to confirm the report.
  • Young job seekers beneficiaries warn they are being left behind.
A young welfare beneficiary accuses Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of “forgetting where he came from”.
Welfare advocates after a government report described the $49.50 per day payment as “extremely inadequate” and called for a significant increase.
But while arguing that relief will come in next week’s budget, Treasury Secretary Jim Chalmers warned that “no government” can meet all demands for new spending.
Chalmers declined to confirm reports that the JobSeeker boost would be limited to recipients over the age of 55.

Jim Chalmers says government can’t make everyone happy. sauce: AAP / Bianca de Marchi

The move will increase payments to about 227,000 older Australians, but welfare advocates warn it will not provide relief to the more than 680,000 young people who use JobSeeker and Youth Allowance. increase.

And as governments move forward, says one young JobSeeker recipient, “Securing votes is more important than putting food in.” [our] stomach”.

“I forgot where he came from”

Albanese pledged to “lead an empty Australia”, referring to the difficulties faced by single mothers who claimed victory in last May’s federal elections. [is] left behind”.
The Sydney-based Daniel said he didn’t like to reveal his surname but that he took it “at face value” when he voted for Labor.
“[But] It’s like I pulled the ladder back up and forgot where I came from,” Daniel told SBS News.
“It’s crazy because they know what the answer is. [they’re saying]: “I know it’s not good enough and I’m not going to do anything about it”.

“They have to choose whether they can choose to bring people out of this poverty or not. It’s really simple.”

Anthony Albanese in a suit at a press conference

Anthony Albanese has repeatedly mentioned the difficulties faced by mothers. sauce: AAP / Jono Searle

The 24-year-old was forced to pay JobSeeker $49.50 a day after the music industry where he worked for five years was suddenly decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

His transition to office work was halted last year when he developed a heart condition that often required him to take a few weeks off.
“Obviously, the job wasn’t that enthusiastic about the idea, so I ended up having to resign, and I’ve been basically at JobSeeker ever since,” he said.

“It’s really hard. If you just go to the store and get some bread and a few things, that’s $25. That’s not luxury.”

Daniel said his condition has resulted in him being hospitalized twice in the past three weeks. It was on.
However, he described himself as “much more privileged than others” because he lives with his mother, and has been candid about where he would be without her.

“On the street, sure. By the time it’s like payment. [and] Pay for the bare necessities. We are lucky to have nothing left. Her mother saved me several times,” he said.

“It means nutritious food.”

Chalmers said he would not “get ahead” of budget details on Tuesday, but insisted the cost-of-living relief would not be “limited to one cohort or another.”
“It’s getting harder to return to work, especially for women over the age of 55,” he said.
But Chalmers, pressed to take steps to help young Australians, warned that no government could meet all the calls for more spending.

“We understand that Australians, young and old, are under pressure from many different sources. We are aware of that and we will respond,” he said. rice field.

Woman standing with her back to the sea

Louise Nixon, 26, says more pay for job seekers means she can buy nutritious food more than once a day. credit: attached

For Adelaide-based 26-year-old Louise Nixon, the impact of the rise is straightforward.

“[It] You can actually afford to eat nutritious meals multiple times a day,” she told SBS News.
“Getting him evicted or having to pay more rent isn’t such a nightmare scenario.”
The Australian Financial Review reports that the same cohort set for the JobSeeker boost is also for next week’s rent subsidy increase.
And with South Australia having no cap on rent increases, Nixon wasn’t sure how he would be able to cover the additional costs.

“It wasn’t [raised] Lately it makes me a little nervous. when will that happen? “It’s not like I can find a cheaper place to live,” she said.

Illustrated AUKUS Deal Totaling $58 Billion Over 10 Years, $45 Billion To Pay Job Seekers And Childcare

Cost of AUKUS contract, JobSeeker, and 10 years of child support. sauce: SBS News

Grattan Institute modeling shows $58 billion committed to AUKUS over a decade. and child care payments.

And Labor claims it will push for it.with a budget of more than $200 billion over 10 years.
Nixon said these commitments show that helping the poor is “not a priority” for the government.

“Support those who have enough money [and] Ensuring that their votes are cast is more important than securing a place for young people to live and allowing them to put food in their stomachs,” she said.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/the-potential-budget-boost-for-boomers-which-young-people-say-leaves-them-behind/i4uz8nv7f 2023 budget: Jim Chalmers refuses to confirm JobSeeker boost for people over 55

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