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Why are Essay Writing Services so Popular for Students?

Why do people pay for something they can do themselves? Well, the short answer is, they probably can’t. Many students struggle with writing their assignments. But universities still use it to assess the academic abilities of all their attendants. Despite the fact that some of them could have a totally different set of talents, unrelated to writing. And yet everyone should write good essays in order to get their degree. Even when there is no time, or literary skills for students to do that. So, let us delve deeper into this complex question of the growing popularity of essay writing services among students.

Overwhelming amount of tasks

Psychologists say that there are usually three factors that lead people to frustration. They are: lack of time, lack of information, and lack of opportunity to achieve the goal. Most of the students have just that. Everyone who studies in the university usually has an overwhelming amount of assignments. And the worst part is that teachers most of the time do not care if their students already have a big workload from other classes.

Truth is, very few people are fully equipped to dedicate all their time to studies. A lot of students work part-time to cover their education expenses and have family concerns that add to the stress. Don’t forget occasional health issues that cause delays and you’ll get a full picture of why students flock to essay writing services to outsource their essays.

Lack of literary skills

Another hard fact is that not all students are literary geniuses. Most of them just want to graduate and get a decent job, with no goals of becoming a writer or a professor. A student may be good at Math, for example, but not proficient enough with English to write an essay that could give him good grades in Math. This leads people to compensate by acquiring an essay writing service.

International students have difficulties with English too of course. Especially at the beginning of their academic journey. To keep themselves afloat they have to rely on essay services. Studying both your academic subjects and also the language could be a titan’s task. So, outsourcing your assignment to a professional writer could be a good way to reduce stress and focus on other essential items in your education.

Means of expanding your education

Indeed some students order a custom essay not because they fail to write it themselves. They do it for the sake of acquiring a professional academic paper they could use to learn their complex subject from. In reality, students very often find themselves alone with difficult subjects that no one would help them comprehend. Teachers sometimes have more on their plate than they could handle. And being on a remote education doesn’t help either. This makes buying custom essays a viable option.

After all, professional essay writers can provide you with answers to any of your academic questions and tailor them to suit your needs. This makes essay writing services popular even among those students who have good proficiency in English and high academic skills. They are looking for additional educational materials to enhance their studies. And essay services provide great opportunities for those who fail to find assistance at their universities.

Agreeable cost

Essay writing companies do not discard the fact that their customers are students. And students usually are tight on money. Writing services strive to be affordable and create comfortable prices for their work. Students can also expect discounts and other amenities that make their life easier.

There used to be times when essay services were expensive and there were not many good writers. Nowadays the industry has grown and high competition makes writing services lower their costs in order to become affordable to bigger audiences. This is not a sign of quality decline, though. Of course, unreliable companies with the cheapest services exist. But you can easily avoid them if you do some research first. This is how you discern a good essay writing service.

High-quality work

The first thing you should look at is whether your service providers are professionals. Usually, you can read about the prospect writer on the main page, their skills, Ph.D., and experience. In addition, there should be samples of their work posted on the website. Another main point in choosing your service is whether you can keep track of the process and coordinate it with your writer. For your convenience, here is a list of some of the best essay writing services out there:

  • Australianwritings.com – an assignment writing service based in Australia. Their writers are postgraduates who know what Australian universities want in their essays, which is very important.
  • A-writer.com – this popular service creates high-quality papers and offers a personal approach to every customer.
  • Essayontime.com – this US-based company can write you any paper from any academic level. And as with all high-ranking essay writing services, you receive full intellectual rights to purchased essays.
  • Aussiessay.com – another Australian service that provides the best essays for their customers. What is also important to note is the guarantees they give you for their work.


Students live in a hustle and every hour of their time is precious. That’s why they outsource their assignments to essay professionals. Educational systems contribute to this too, since they usually demand much more than students can give them in their essays. This is what makes essay writing services so popular for students.

Author: Sherri Carrier is a professional writer and a member of several writing clubs in New York. She has been writing her own poems since she was a child. The young author gets inspiration from her favorite writers and people whom she loves.

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