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What Type Of Flooring Would Suit Your Commercial Space?

Commercial spaces typically have high foot traffic, resulting in beaten-up flooring. In addition, they’re exposed to various activities, such as liquid spills, dropped objects, and falls and splashes. Thus, it’s essential to have durable flooring to survive these beatings.  

There are several types of flooring you can choose from for your commercial space. Some options work effectively, while others don’t. Hence, you need to familiarise yourself with each type of flooring to make the most out of your purchase.  

Keep reading this article to know what type of flooring would suit your commercial space.  

  • Epoxy Flooring  

Epoxy flooring may work if you’re searching for the ideal flooring for your space. It’s a type of commercial floor made from hardeners and resins. Because of these components, epoxy flooring has a better durability level and high resistance to chemicals. It’s also easy to maintain, making it a less expensive flooring option.  

Besides, if you want to provide aesthetic improvements to your commercial space, go for epoxy flooring. Given these features, it’s safe to say that this flooring is best for retail rooms, high-impact industrial areas and laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.  

However, you need to hire professionals to install commercial epoxy flooring. This move will guarantee your floors won’t crack, chip, or peel easily.  

  • Laminate Flooring  

This type of flooring would also be a perfect fit for your commercial space due to its durability and high scratch and stain resistance. Generally, laminate flooring undergoes a process called lamination, which involves putting two or more types together and sealing them.  

What Type Of Flooring Would Suit Your Commercial Space?

Moreover, installing laminate floors can benefit your space because they’re inexpensive and easy to clean. It can also be a significant investment as it offers a sturdy cushioning layer, which means that fragile objects aren’t broken easily when dropped to the floor.  

Available in several types, including embossed laminate, wood grain laminate, and smooth laminate, laminate flooring also suits retail and business spaces, reception areas, and even medical facilities.  

  • Vinyl Flooring  

This commercial flooring option is made from certain synthetic materials, such as plasticizer, PVC vinyl, and fiberglass. It’s durable and comfortable to walk on because it has a thick core made of several layers. It’s also resistant to water, scratches, and stain. It only requires an easy installation process and minimum maintenance requirements, making them a perfect flooring option for your area.  

Installing vinyl flooring may also be a great decision if you want something aesthetically appealing. It’s available in multiple colours, textures, sizes, and styles. Finally, vinyl floors are ideal for office areas, hallways, restaurants, and transitional spaces.  

  • Rubber Flooring  

Another type that would be a good match for your space is rubber flooring. Primarily, rubber flooring is made from synthetic materials or natural tree rubber. Therefore, this type of flooring is durable, non-slip, sound-absorbent, and resilient. Rubber floors can absorb the impact of dropped heavy objects, so they don’t get broken easily.  

So, if you run a fitness gym or other sports-related facilities, rubber flooring will be a perfect fit for your business. You can also install it in whatever colour or texture you want. 

  • Natural Stone Flooring  

This commercial flooring is made from beautiful stone pebbles and formulated epoxy. When applied to the floor, a topcoat is used to make it more durable and elegant. Furthermore, natural stone flooring is known for its high water, scratch, and stain resistance, so it’s a worthwhile investment because it can last for an extended period.  

Hence, if you have an office space, a restaurant, or a high-end retail store, installing natural stone flooring is a great choice to consider.  

 Tips For Choosing The Best Commercial Space Flooring  

There are multiple flooring options available on the market, but not all are ideal for all types of space. Because of this, it’s essential to consider some factors when selecting the best flooring for your commercial space.  

For instance, it can be good to check foot traffic in your commercial space, repair options when the floor starts to wear out, the level of maintenance needed, and the costs involved. Then, you’ll have a clear idea of which type of flooring would best suit your commercial space.  

 Final Thoughts  

As a business owner, you need to ensure the right flooring for your commercial space. It has to provide elegance and create a comfortable ambiance to entice current and future customers. Therefore, keep in mind the information mentioned here if you’re looking for the appropriate flooring options. That way, you’ll familiarize yourself with the information needed when you decide to update the flooring in your commercial space.  


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