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What Is the Safest Bitcoin Exchange? Comprehensive Review 2021

Crypto, as an asset, is gaining popularity. The number of users is growing. Surprisingly, even despite the constant jumps in the Bitcoin rate, the number of people wishing to invest in cryptocurrency almost doubled in the first six months of 2021. But what is a crypto exchange? In simple terms, a crypto exchange is a platform (site) where you can perform trading operations with cryptocurrency — buy it, sell it, make a conversion, etc. It is impossible to describe in detail all the best crypto exchanges, financial instruments, trading terms, and rules within one article. If you are seriously interested in this topic, you can read more on the Coincub.com website.

In fact, a crypto exchange brings together users who want to trade cryptocurrency. When you place an order to sell cryptocurrency and someone else wants to buy it, the platform brings you together and helps you complete the trade. For this, the exchange often charges a commission.

At the same time, the most important step in cryptocurrency online swap will be exactly the right choice of a crypto exchange. Still, finding the one that will satisfy you is really very difficult. Many don’t pay due attention to this stage. Newbies are often overwhelmed with the belief that all the crypto exchanges are the same. But this is not so.

How to choose a good crypto exchange? The most trusted crypto exchanges can be classified according to many different parameters:

  • With or without verification;
  • With or without fiat;
  • Decentralized or centralized;
  • Adjustable or unregulated.

Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency

Where to buy and sell cryptocurrency? Here is the list of crypto exchanges and converters:

  1. Binance

This is one of the top crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume (almost $2 billion in 24 hours) and the number of unique users (over 6.1 million monthly). Transfering of money is processed quickly. Almost 1.4 million operations are processed in one second. There is no mandatory verification. Funds are credited to the site without problems and it doesn’t require payment of a commission.

  1. EXMO

In 2014, the EMXO cryptocurrency exchange was registered in the UK. The EXMO platform has a trading volume of almost $16 million/day, and the number of unique visitors is 118.072/month. The site has an EXMо token. With its help, the commission is paid. There are 181 pairs to trade on the exchange. However, access to them is opened for a new user only on the fourth day after registration.

  1. BitMex

In 2014, the Bitcoin derivatives exchange BitMex began its activities in the world chart. 884,644 people are registered on the site every month. The volume of daily transactions reaches almost $2 billion. The first plus of the platform is that there is no KYC procedure. Assets are deposited and withdrawn to a Bitcoin address. The rest of the coins can be seen in the interface of the trade section.

The second advantage of the exchange is a demo account. New users can practice and learn about cryptocurrency trading. Among other quality tools, there is a converter and calculator. It will help the user calculate the balance when opening a position.

  1. Huobi Global

This is also one of the top crypto exchanges. It appeared in May 2013 in Singapore. The trading volume is almost $27 million per day. The number of unique visitors is 700,159 people/month. Users can transfer and convert the cryptocurrency. The commission per transaction is 0.2%. A distributed security system is used to prevent hacking. Users send almost all assets (98%) to cold wallets. And multi-signature is required.

So, there is no need to look for the best crypto exchanges because now you know them.


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