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What is a pool rain curtain?

 Have you heard of a rain curtain? No, it has nothing to do with a weather-themed curtain for your home – it’s a water feature added to your pool to create a stunning visual effect.

A pool rain curtain is pretty much what it says – a wall of water descending from a higher area, such as a feature structure or overhang that falls into your pool. It creates a visual and audio illusion of falling rain to soothe the senses.

Why we’re falling for rain curtains

There’s something quite dramatic about this feature for Sydney fibreglass pools. The water can fall as wide sheets or in multiple streams. It’s a pool addition that naturally attracts attention, so it’s best to locate one in a prominent position. A rain curtain will enhance the ambiance of your pool, requires minimal maintenance and is sure to ease away the day’s anxieties and stresses.

The sound of falling water is soothing to the ears. Children absolutely love a rain curtain – it’s as magical as standing underneath a waterfall! Watch as they giggle, swimming under a constant free flow of water, enjoying the spray fall upon their heads.

A pool rain curtains would be perfect close to a patio or decking area. If you place it in front of a decorative wall feature – such as granite, you are adding another layer of texture to the pool’s surroundings.

How do they work?

Are you fascinated to know how they work? A pool rain curtain is a closed-looped system. The water collects at the bottom of the feature, is recycled, then pumped to the top of the curtain only to fall back down – thanks to the help of gravity, gallons of water will be recycled and pumped daily.

The pump has to handle the volume of water passing through it. To incorporate different flow adjustments, you should consider a variable speed pump.

There is no standard rain curtain. The curvature can be of different angles. No need to keep your pool rain curtain short – have it as long as you like.

A pool rain curtain to whet your appetite

You can buy metal-based curtain systems to withstand our sunny climate and the weight of the concrete or structure mounted upon it. The water can look more dramatic as it emerges from a metal structure because it is polished, crisper and looks more luxurious.

Stainless steel nozzles are also stylish and easy to maintain. A pool water curtain can help circulate the water in your pool, keeping it cleaner. It can also drown out the noise of any nearby traffic.

Try not to have any overhanging plants near your water curtain because the debris from shrubbery may block the pump. Be mindful that the water cycle will result in natural evaporation of your pool.




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