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What Are the Main Features of Web3 That Appeal to People?

Web3 is a phrase that has been thrown around a lot recently as there are a lot of people who now consider it to be the next iteration of the internet. It is named Web3 (or Web 3.0 by others) because it is the third version of the internet. It will be different to the version of the web we are used to today as it will run using Blockchain Technology, meaning it will be entirely decentralised. There are a number of features that mean Web3 will be better in terms of overall use and privacy, and these are going to be discussed in more detail below.

A Completely Decentralised Network 

At the moment, when we use different services online, our data becomes available. This means that when you use websites that are available in certain countries it becomes known you have used that website, it also means restrictions are imposed depending on the country you are in. Consider online gambling for instance, if you are a resident in New Zealand then you would need to play on gambling websites local to you such as BonusFinder’s official website for New Zealand. This is because different countries have different laws pertaining to online gambling and these will or won’t apply to you depending on where you are.

Due to the decentralisation of Web3, this is unlikely to be the case as much moving forward because the consumers will be in control of their own data. Essentially, you will be able to sell or exchange your data but will not lose ownership of it, which is different to the way Web2 currently operates.

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AI and Machine Learning 

AI and Machine learning have both come an extremely long way in the past decade, to the point that they are now able to make useful predictions and actions. When they are used on top of a decentralised network such as Web3, their potential goes a lot further than just the standard targeted ads that are run in today’s society.

These further uses stretch to the likes of precision materials, climate prediction and drug production, meaning such predictivity will have a genuine benefit on people’s lives and the planet if used on a decentralised network.

3D Graphics and the Metaverse 

There are a lot of people who have been referring to Web3 as the spiritual web. This is because of the fact it aims to significantly blur the lines between the real world and the virtual one. It will do this by rethinking the way that graphics are designed, reshaping the virtual worlds of the metaverse to have particularly sharp relief, putting 3D shapes in front of us as if it were real life.

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Why Do We Want Web3? 

Though Web2 works well, there are concerns with the way data is collected and how this affects a user’s privacy. There are a number of features that appeal to advocates of Web3 and one of the main ones is decentralisation, which would promise better privacy. There would also be benefits to AI and Machine Learning as well as improved 3D graphics.

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