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Top Tips To Make A Booklet With A Long-Reach Stapler

Despite huge advancements in technology and an increasingly digital world, booklets are still a vital part of the business world. While PowerPoint presentations and other digital images can make a great impression, sometimes, you can’t beat a simple paper-based booklet. It’s something that people can take home with them.

There are several ways to make a professional and practical booklet, but the long-reach stapler is still one of the simplest and most effective choices. Of course, before you commit to this you should check out the other booklet makers available. There are plenty of good choices.

Choose Your Stapler

Even long-reach staplers come in different sizes. You’ll need to think about what size documents you usually create and choose a stapler that matches your needs A good starting point is the 12-inch long-reach stapler, it effectively allows you to staple 24-inch pieces of paper together and then fold them in half to create your booklet.

If needed, you can keep several different size long-reach staplers.

Set The Measurement

Measure the paper you are turning into a booklet. Then, set the measurement on your stapler to exactly half the paper size. This will ensure your staples are central, providing you push the paper up to the stapler stop.

If you’re not sure then do a test run on a blank piece of paper and fold it afterwards.

Stack Your paper

You can now stack the paper you want in your booklet. All sheets will need to be open. This is a good time to check you have printed them correctly and that every page will be in the right position after you’ve stapled them.

Don’t forget to check the limit of your stapler. Even the biggest staplers have a limit regarding how many sheets of paper they can get through. It’s different for every stapler, check before you try to staple.


With the sheets of paper carefully stacked on top of each other, put your stapler in position and push down hard on the raised piece. It should put a staple straight through your document.

You’ll have to repeat at least once but you may want to do more, depending on how large the document is.

You should staple it from the outside of your booklet.

Fold To Finish

With the stapling done and the stapler going successfully through all the sheets, you can now carefully fold the sheets in half. This is what turns it into a booklet.

It’s a good idea to add a cover to your booklet with a piece of card or even plastic. It will help to protect it from harm. If you’ve done this properly you shouldn’t need to do any more finishing or trimming.

You can now step back and admire your handiwork, before starting the next one on your list.

Don’t forget, that the long-reach stapler will go through fewer pages if you are using thicker paper. That’s why it’s a good idea to have several different long-reach staplers handy.


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