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Top 5 Soft Skills Employers Look For

When creating a CV, it’s important to do your research about what employers are seeking for in their applicants. Curating your CV to what hiring managers are searching for will leave a powerful imprint long after they skim over what you have submitted.

This article is here to help ease your search, and share with you the top five soft skills employers are looking for.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are personal attributes and character traits that permit individuals to collaborate and interact harmoniously with other people. Within the workplace, soft skills are seen as a compliment to hard skills, but they are just as important, if not more.


Communication is arguably the most sought after soft skill within the workplace. During this new remote work era, it is detrimental that an individual can strongly communicate across all platforms verbally and written, as well as both virtually and in-person.

Throughout your career, you will be communicating with fellow employees, managers, clients, as well as any prospective business endeavors. You must be able to communicate clearly, effectively, and efficiently in order to be an asset to your team.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers go far beyond problem-solving, and it is why they are desperately sought after by employers. As a critical thinker, you are able to make informed decisions by approaching problems from different angles, and analyzing situations.

This soft skill demonstrates you are solution oriented, you seek out the best possible solution for all situations, and you are able to alleviate problems that have yet to arise.

Time Management

Having impeccable time management skills gives you the ability to complete your work efficiently and effectively. Employers seek out candidates with excellent time management skills because they are easily able to organize day to day schedules and beyond, but most importantly, maintain a dynamic structure within the workplace.

Being stellar with time management will also decrease the probability of issues arising when something occurs that is not on the schedule, because being well-organized keeps you in the mindset of being ready to face and overcome new challenges as they appear.


Displaying strong leadership in the workplace is a skill employers are desperately looking for. As an eminent leader, you are able to make decisions in demanding situations to resolve the issue at hand. You are constantly utilizing different strategies to develop your abilities to become a better employee, and overall better version of yourself.

You are continually learning and seeking out ways to better the workplace for your fellow employees and customers, while providing a growth mindset atmosphere within your team.


Adaptability is another soft skill that is highly desired by companies. Being adaptable inturn also means you are flexible, and are able to embrace changes in stride, while staying composed throughout high pressure situations.

Through adaptability comes resilience. You are often motivating and encouraging fellow employees to do the same by your actions, and ensuring a positive mindset while keeping a fresh perspective on new projects or issues that emerge.

Key Takeaways

When deciding between which soft skills you present on your CV, it is detrimental to remember to tailor them to the position you are applying for, the values of that particular company, and by doing your research.


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