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Tips to Help You Select Perfect Gazebos and Marquees for Promoting your Business

Canny business owners across Australia and the rest of the world realised decades ago that gazebos and event marquees were crucial for business promotion. Across Australia, there has been a surge in the sales volumes of these accoutrements; the market is still growing and more companies are coming up with bigger and brighter pop up gazebos and bigger event tents with every passing year.

The Coronavirus Pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns, in 2020 disrupted the global economy. Numerous small, medium & small-medium businesses had to shut shop because they could no longer afford to continue functioning in the face of dwindling revenues.

The situation was so terrible that the Australian Government’s recently rolled out a slew of measures for smaller companies to avail cheaper credit. This ‘SME Recovery Loan Scheme’has already started showing signs of success.

Besides, Australia’s economy survived a lot better than most other developed countries. The GDP rose by 1.8% by June of 2021, exceeding expectations and proving the resilience of the Aussie economy yet again.

Do you know what this means?

Only that it’s time to resume your business promotional activities in full swing, especially as the year comes to an end and outdoor events resume.

You have to beat your competition by grabbing more eyeballs and increasing your brand’s visibility quotient. Pop up marquees and several other aids can help you differentiate your brand from the rest.

A needle in a haystack? Not quite!

First, let’s quickly run you through the three cardinal rules which must be remembered at all times for promotional activities:

  1. Every business is different and requires unique printed gazebos that are singular in design. Imitation ruins even the most professional marketing & promotional activities.
  2. Despite the humongous variety of pop-up and event tents, you will eventually find at least one product that will suit your requirements like a glove.
  3. Investing in branded products (without breaking the bank, of course!) is always a good idea as they will provide superior ROI.

Do not be intimated by the variety of printed marquees and the like; remember the tips below and you will find that selecting the pop up gazebo is not so difficult after all!

Selection simplified

We now come to the crux of the matter. Keep in mind the pointers mentioned below.

  1. Understand the location: This is something which most marketers miss out on, but you should not. Is the event being held indoors? Is it a trade fair where pop up gazebos will do the trick? Is there any restriction on the size or height of these tents? Most importantly, is it being organised locally or will there be competitors from out of town?

Once you get a rough idea of the venue, you can choose from the options available. If the event is being held outdoors, go for high-quality custom printed marquees or event tents. If there are several bigger players from your sector participating, these event tents will leave behind a lasting impression.

Event crest marquees, for example, are huge structures which have enough space for compartmentalisation. There can be separate rooms for meetings, product pitches, dining, parking & so on. Even R&R can be arranged if you plan carefully and place pop up gazebos at strategic corners for increased customisation.

This directly leads us to the next point.

  1. Customise as much as viable without going over the top: Today, you can easily emblazon your company’s name, logo, tagline, plus a condensed list of the products and/or services you offer on the outer surface of the event tent or pop up marquee.

The more the amount of customisation you can pack in without the setup looking garish, the better it is for catching eyeballs. Potential customers might wander in, looking at the range of products your company offers.

Consider the finer aspects as well. The lighting and decoration of these structures should be unimpeachable. You can even choose a number of specific printed gazebos with a uniform colour palette, one that closely resembles that of your logo. Colour coordination works on a subconscious level, and you must take advantage of that.

Other aspects where you can stamp your distinct brand image are the fliers or the business cards that are handed over to people walking in. Be very careful when printing these: all contact information must be error-free!

  1. Get the size of the event marquees & gazebos right: This point is drawn yet again from the first one in this series. When you have seen the available space first-hand, it is imperative that you get the sizes of the pop up gazebos and the event tent spot-on.

As a thumb-rule, most small businesses with a handful of personnel manning the store at a trade fair will do great with 3mx3m printed gazebos. If you are just starting out, consider starting off with the smaller 2.4mx2.4m models.

The width of event crest marquees- the Big Guys- start at 3m. This width is known in common parlance as ‘clear span.’  For business events, it is recommended that you go for models with a clear span of 10mx20m. Such a structure leaves enough room for people to move around, and can also be a centre of attraction in a crowded trade fair.

During our research for this piece, we were helped and guided at every step by Extreme Marquees, one of Australia’s most reputed retailers of event marquees, pop up marquees, inflatable tents, commercial umbrellas, banners and a lot more. They are also authorised dealers of Flare Shade Australia’s avant garde products.

Flare Shade is universally recognised as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gazebos, cantilever and commercial cafe umbrellas, banners, table covers, fence-wraps and pull-up banners. They have a giant footprint in the United States as well.

  1. Choose the material with care: It wouldn’t serve your promotional purposes one bit if it suddenly started raining & your custom-printed marquees started to leak, would it? To avoid such disasters, never compromise on quality. Rely on hardy and durable materials including 250GSM PU-coated Polyester, 580 GSM PVC, or the ever-popular 300 GSM PVC-coated PVC.

These materials can easily block the cruel Australian sun and the accompanying UV Rays, should the event be scheduled during the day.

Before you place an order for an array of printed gazebos, ensure that the model you are selecting is made of any of these water/fire resistant materials.

Furthermore, never underestimate the destructive power of sudden storms and gale-force winds; trust only metal frames. Aluminium and steel frames last longer and are excellent investments in the long run.

In closing

These points should help you select excellent gazebos and marquees for promotions. Before signing off, there’s one more piece of advice straight from the professionals at Extreme Marquees.

Opt for contactless payments this year and maybe the years to follow. The Pandemic is not over yet; people are more conscious and keener than ever on mobile payments. When you install bespoke and elegantly-designed pop up marquees, keep aside some space for a payments counter.

If you own a micro or small business, digital payments also cut down costs to an extent.

You are now ready to compete with the best in the industry!


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